Melodious Kisseś

O’ earth-sweetest-song, don’t
refrain from conversing with
my essence, the choruses of
chivalry, because I’m
converting into a
skilful dancer

My heart has begotten a
rose garden, a sweet stream
for migrant birds

O’ sweet-song-darling,
Come to my cottage tonight,
Let’s drink love again, until
I am intoxicated; completely
Lost in your melodious kisses

Earth’s sweetest-song | The writer acknowledges his own state of void when the love of his life is not near. He yearns to be enthralled by thy rhythms of his Rhema words, which has the potency to blast hope and vitality into his spirit, filling all the places of his being. It’s a heart-cry for God, the light of the world, to speak once again to his church.

Have you ever want someone so bad you plead with him not leave you? There have been times in my own personal life when it feels like God has left me to face life alone, depending on my own efforts. In that state of reality, I always know I am in danger of dancing to my own song if I don’t pursue his presence until I find a breakthrough in my spirit.

In the medieval nightly system, a knight must possess certain qualities to be considered as an ideal knight. There is a need for a knight to express courage, courtesy, justice, and readiness to help the weak. There is no one on this side of eternity who demonstrate love, justice, and empathy to the weak than Jesus. I find that expression of life in his face like a chorus when he whispers into my ears and cuddles my aching soul

A skilful dancer knows how to follow the rhythm of a song. He is calm and methodical on the dance floor. Sometimes I slip and humiliates myself in the eyes of people when I try to do my own thing without following the guidelines of the all-knowing lover, the Holy Spirit. Deep in alignment with the engrated words of God, I am metamorphosed into something special, usable in the hands of the master in this spiritual journeys

Our whole experience with Gods character must turn us into a conduit of expression to touch the world of pain and desperation, which represented in the poem as migrant birds. The nectar of a rose garden and a sweet stream is a perfect place for birds. I have become one because he made me one. I yearn for him to cultivate the deepest expressions of his character in me, that others will see him in my eyes.

There is no section in this poem that speaks about human love relationships but I know the mind will take you there. In this lockdown season, I started thin prayer challenge. Every day I spend 5hrs in the presence of God through prayer, excluding time in the word. I wake up at 4 am and I pray until 6 am. The second part of the prayer is 1 pm -2 pm, them 10 pm -11 pm. I have felt very closer to the Holy Spirit and it was necessary for me to inform him in an invitational drive, that I have a date with him tonight, and I want to immerse myself in deep fellowship with him. My goal is not to ask for anything but just fall in love with God.

When you get tired of religion you pursue love. Religion is about what you have to do, yet lacking authentic relationship. Without some form of self-death, and awakening in his life Christianity is impossible. I am fueled by the conviction of his profound love towards me to express that same love to him and fellow humans without any sense of guilt, condemnation, fear or the feeling of unworthy unrighteous in his presence.

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