Melodious Kisseś

O’ earth-sweetest-song, don'trefrain from conversing withmy essence, the choruses ofchivalry, because I’mconverting into askilful dancer My heart has begotten arose garden, a sweet streamfor migrant birds O’ sweet-song-darling,Come to my cottage tonight,Let's drink love again, untilI am intoxicated; completelyLost in your melodious kisses O’ Earth's-sweetest-song Earth's sweetest-song | The writer acknowledges his own state of … Continue reading Melodious Kisseś


Dear, humans Gladden thy heart with beauty. Love is beautiful to the human soul Why? You've deny thy heart of its necessary food. Emptiness conquers, apathy whispers against a belly full of chaos, fear is overwhelmed and dispelled, at the place where perfect love dominates. feast on love, feed on love; thy soul gets it … Continue reading DEAR, HUMANS Pt.1


Friday. Circa, A.D. 2015 London, England. Lucifer asked me for a hug. Characteristic of him, he kissed me; crawling into this fragile heart - a rubble home he made for himself, and his his many cohorts. Alas, i sit under the sway of the puppet master, singing blues Copyright 2015 \\ McDaniels Gyamfi


Hope awaits thy weary soul O' lonely bird on migration Wayfarer, pilgrim soldier; Kiss the King Romance the Son Red love passions Intimate freedom Your breeze of fellowship Copyright 2015 \\ McDaniels Gyamfi


We are all travelling on the same path This road is haunted by demons and Lucifer Like wounded horses and its horsemen, Our flesh gave up on us  Our eyes failed from doubts and unbelief Tear drops, tear drops; we are drowned in fear Our spirit smell the sweet waters, beyond this darkness O' the … Continue reading WONDERLAND, OUR LAND


Sorry she doesn't like invalids. But, you are not dead to be dismissed, He said with hope in his eyes, to his friend. Yes, I am not dead to be dismissed Am just a wounded soldier Am I not better than a dead lion, he asked. A caged bird; Am worth two in a bush. … Continue reading FOR BETTER FOR WORSE


He won't let you fall. He is never weary. He won't let you fall. He is still there by your side. The cross is the proof of His presence. Lift your eyes and see Him calling. Jesus is here. Copyright 2014|GOG|McDaniels Gyamfi


I saw it. Yes, I saw it; My eyes wide open. Alas, I lost my virginity. I ate it; lost my identity. Now am a man; lost in the ocean of lostness; time, urgently ticking on me. Waves upon waves, beats my weak back, throws me off; thy lighthouse. My addiction to rescue; my only … Continue reading OCEAN OF LOSTNESS


You defined me as not beautiful The first day I cried and saw the light That first day she saw this innocent face She puts on me this dress I wore I wonder when I will grow bigger, than this dress Occasionally, I cut myself lose from this dress of antiquity Only to be reminded … Continue reading THIS DRESS OF ANTIQUITY