Silver & Gold

You were unskilled, wasteful metalThen his quiver came, nurturingand sharpening you,from within. Now, you arein his golden bow. You have become a sharpshootingsilver arrow in God's golden bow. You were the drowsy-wine in worry,de trop of the festivals of the naivetes Now, you've become the passioninside the golden goblets of Kings


Hopeful live because The future is true. Don't believe in a lie, that only today is yours Your spirit knows the future, accurately. Stop guessing and Follow this inward guide. You could live in the present basking In the future others dream about. The beauty of life is being able to enjoy the moment by …

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In truest consciousness of the God measure in us, we can soar beyond the ends of the world even with broken wings You are the attributes of a hundred virgin Wells in the wilderness and a million songs in a fading festival, awakening innermost elations hanging in the balance You have become the character of …

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Great Unknown

In the great unknown Your eyes is my compass And in your peace my soul roost I am not afraid where this path leads me I am not afraid how the end will unfolds I am not afraid of the perils of eerie voices I keep my feet firm. I keep walking, faith tucked inside …

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Oh, that the things we love could love us back, and maybe talk to us in silent days. Unfortunately, these idols are dead accessories we try to breathe life into but they only waste away with our souls, fastened to them. Don't forget to remind yourself today that β€œthings are tools provided to fulfil a …

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When Tommorow Came

When tomorrow came We were the awakening songs of Princes, The sweet wine of a wise emperor See children dancing with her anthem The young men are completely drunk in his delight And the elderly, they open their mouths in awe; The candor of our surge and swell When tomorrow came We were birds in …

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