There is so much darkness in our world today. Amid the gloom, I see a light that shines brighter and brighter from the throne of Gods love; HEALING hearts, MENDING souls, RESTORING Hope and SHAPING eternal purposes in our spirits. Seize the light. Burn the gloom. Fight the good fight. The eternal policies and priorities …

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Melodious Kisseś

O’ earth-sweetest-song, don'trefrain from conversing withmy essence, the choruses ofchivalry, because I’mconverting into askilful dancer My heart has begotten arose garden, a sweet streamfor migrant birds O’ sweet-song-darling,Come to my cottage tonight,Let's drink love again, untilI am intoxicated; completelyLost in your melodious kisses O’ Earth's-sweetest-song Earth's sweetest-song | The writer acknowledges his own state of …

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I send yøu lovè

I send you peace. I pray hope your way. Light shine in dark upside-down worlds of our souls, to see life and embrace the courage to face each day. I am an earth child full of fears. Dear Lord, please hold me in the arms of love. Your perfect love cast away fears and doubts. …

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hòmily to the søul

Blessed be to the ocean friend. Peace to the souls of innumerable children of the friend, the beloved. I celebrate waking up every day, loved to be in the arms of the rising sun; smiling with her glints of faith. The problem with life is not life itself, it is what the eyes cannot see. …

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Covered in blankets of their faces, I became cold. The morning spilt darkness on my feet, I am sodden in unrest, married to uncertainty. O’ flower child, can a nation be born in a day? Earth child, Thy wretched soul is an aged affair cursed with many children. Heaven pleads for thy silence, earth child …

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this heart cries

i want to travel tothe unknownwith you. i want to winwith you.i want to crywith you; our soulsentwined withthe glow of a millionstars of the Ancientskies. i want to be buriedbeside you; our soulslounging in the corridorsof those who still speak,though they are gone.