Jesus on high pedestal


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  1. Not really a fan of the man, I have nothing against him either, but I am a fan of the stand. We should all seek every opportunity to share our love for Jesus.
    A Servant


    1. You are perfectly right…supporting what he stands for. I actually don’t understand the game of football, if its not a touch down. By the way, I have never seen an athletes who puts Jesus on high pedestal than Tim Tebow. We should all yearn to color the world with our love for Christ.


      1. My stand, so to speak, is not to put people on pedestals, like Tebow. I have nothing against him but men will fail, Jesus never will. I don’t intend it to be critical of Tim Tebow, I appreciate the stand.
        Hope that makes sense.


      2. I don’t know much about Tim Tebow in regards to football. All I know is that he love Christ. You sound a little bit like this man has been put on a high pedestal for no reasons. He is a man and he will definitely fail like everyone of us but his Jesus will never fail. Whatever your reasons are…am happy you love the Jesus that Tim Tebow also loves. Shalom!!


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