by T. Austin-Sparks Reading: Gen. 12:1-2,7-10; 13:1,3,4; 17:1-8,19; 18:13-14. THE SCHOOL OF SONSHIP The key to the life of Abraham is that word "sonship". What was the immediate net result of Abraham's life on earth? Well, God found him in Ur of the Chaldees, ordered him to get out, to go to another land. He … Continue reading THE SCHOOL OF SONSHIP

Narcissistic Oriēntation

The general rule is not to be condescending towards others‬‬ but to be tender hearted, flowing with liquid love towards all. The irony is that, I am sold into, and oriented by the narcissistic doctrines of men. I am first in all my endeavors, and everything else is secondary, even the God who loves me … Continue reading Narcissistic Oriēntation