Bring wine,

my soul is a metal ball in the yard

When you are there

I am a fireball released from the peak of mountains,

a bird out of a cage,

a lion at the pride land

When you are there

my heart is a million love letters

read by a million broken hearts

All I am

an empty vase without a flower

when you are not here


my soul longs for the river.

Come, bring me water, my cup is dry.

When you are here I am sugar ocean

without you, I have become a desert


— Photo Credit: Pinterest

Ounce Of Faith

Load this caravan with benefits. Load this heart with strength. We have a long way to go, through this barren wilderness. ♛

Please, fill this caravan with bread and water, and an ounce of faith, else we embark with empty hearts, gripped with this fear of dropping into premature graves. ♛

declare openly, to the hearing of the weak and the worn-out ”be strong at heart” for the lover has arrived at thy sighings burst, to rescue you from this Egypt ♛

the prisons shall be empty. the streets will be filled with people, loads of laughter inside their pockets. yesterday’s masks of fear underneath their soles. heads sank in purple clouds. ♛

the lover has arrived. the wildflower has sprout again, within the eyes of our soul, and we shoot in blossom passions. for the lover has arrived. ♛