Whenever I see the Lord, in the face of Christ Jesus, I am always immersed into His glory. O’ how I quickly recognize the inadequacies that is in my flesh.

My purpose is Christ. I strive towards a life completely yielded to the will of God. Not that I have already attained. Far from that peak of perfection. The good news is that, I have already left. I have left the governmental control of self and each day i smuggle myself into the grace of Christ to give Him space to be Lord, where I am alive in self. I am like Isaiah the prophet- “Whenever I see the Lord in the face of Christ Jesus, I am immersed into His glory. O’ how I quickly recognize the inadequacies that is in my flesh.” Woe is me, my eyes has been lighted by the Lord and I see a man in my flesh who is full of complex issues, only grace can fix. Sometimes, He will tenderly whisper; “my grace is sufficient in your weakness. Ah, the secret of the kingdom is unveiled within me and suddenly I will ascend in that revelation with victory. Such organic grace will humble the heart of any man oriented by self. He broke down into tears because he has struggled in his flesh for aeons, trying to overcome that weakness. Such grace makes me vulnerable and I deeply love that state of nakednesses before the Lord. This is where our victory is loaded— In Your presence there is fullness of joy, O’ God. You’ll never let your holy ones see corruption

In that state of nakedness I am like a child in wet diapers. How can I hide from my daddy like Adam and Eve, when He always attend to us generously. He will change us up while he sings over us with compassion. We don’t run from the Lord. I know self righteousness do that. It makes you hide in shame and cover up in hypocrisy. We should always run into the arms of the refiner for him to purge us, regardless We run into the loving arms of God like the prodigal. Self righteousness is not vulnerable. It is full of pride. I have lashed myself on several occasions, for not living up to the standard. I thought I was very capable in my self righteous efforts, to overcome every hurdle. How stupid I was. I thought it is a self discipline mechanism to manage many affairs of life. How can you overcome the old serpent in your flesh? Wait until a storm threw you down on the curve and you can hardly lift yourself up. Maybe you would be humbled to give up on self, and cry to Him? This is the reason there is no joy flowing from within most of us. We are full of guilt. We are not wholly whole in our eyes, and there is this sense of inferiority in our heart when we come into His presence. Until our relationship with the Father become organic we will wear rituals everyday that makes us feel high temporarily. Once you begin to think that you are able to replicate heaven on earth by yourself, through those man made rituals, then you are on a highway to nowhere but sadness. This is a religious circus most of the folks in the church has subscribed to. It’s a departure from the organic realities of the indwelling life of the Spirit in the believer

That circus feels like the original plan of God but it lacks intimacy from the word go. Everything is centered around the economy of the soul: Where our corrupted minds, emotions and will are the engine to access heavenly realities. Oh, to be carnally minded is death. I was dead just like many others and yet death felt like life. Such life of death is sold out in most of our churches. Our mental performances, devoid of the spirit and truth makes us weary and burnout. Until it is His life flowing through us, our pilgrim journey is full an adventure of stress and many defeat

Satan loves that kind of living. Though you live, yet you are separated from the beauty of the living waters, cascading through your being like a mighty waterfall in summer. This is the scene where the thirsty run to the river, and he drinks Jesus, He us the river that makes glad the city of our God. He is that life which the believer has to experience everyday until he becomes a conduit of divine possibilities. Such expressions of life cannot be sponsored by our mere faculties. Touch Christ or rather be touched by Him as an experience. Suddenly, you will see an unfaded peace emerges like a flower from the dirt inside the utmost places of your being through your spirit. This is where confusion and chaos, which once domiciled in your heart become a restful place like the Eden of Gods. Then shadows of fear is dispelled. O’ the people who sat in the shadow of death a great light has sprout out. That peace is freely yours but it was only a gift from an organic contact with the prince of peace. My peace I give to you, not as the world gives. My savior, 2,000 years ago breathed upon His disciples and clothed them with this heavenly garment, where they defied the agitations of life and the persecution of the time? The man who denied Christ before a damsel survives the onslaught of persecution, without an iota of fear. Why? He was clothed with the peace of God that compelled him to constantly travel on the path of the gospel, contending against the faith. What a life!

The world is a wicked place, they say. No, man is not wicked. Man is under the government of the prince of the powers of the air and spiritual wickedness in higher places. Unknown to him, he has become a slave to the schemes and influence of his master, because to whom you yield your members to, to that entity you’ve become a slave, wether sin to death or righteousness. A sinner is unknowingly a slave to the purposes of Satan. The unregenerate man is a tool, an expression of the ambitions of the enemy of God. The world has become wicked place because we have an adversary and so many people are under his spell.. Thanks God, in Christ Jesus, we can ride on the victory wrought on the cross. Fear that controls the community and the nations can be brought under the obedience of Christ, even if 10 men, who understands the victory of Christ will Mann the gates of their cities and communities as watchmen of the kingdom. Is that possible? More than possible my friend. We are only tools of the exploits of Christ. We are more than conquerors through Him who triumph over the enemy and made him a public spectacle. The victory we yearned for in the midst of our fears cannot be fully achieved through our riots (it can only bring stuff to public attention but it cannot uproot the evil foundations established on evil covenants.

This is not the reality of men who are indulging in self. Since they operate from the valleys of human decisions, somethings are beyond their carnal minds. They have left Zion, the ascended place of divine expression and government. We say, let God arise, and when He leads we follow. Such enterprise is not us again. It is a life which Christ lives in us and through us. I don’t think most leaders was to make Christ the center of their religion. Why? I promise you, it will take away everything you want to showcase to the world on your own merits. The accolades, the big Boys toys, the charisma, the wealth, fame, the oratory, and all the stuff we love to boast about. True Christianity centers on Jesus not our human accessories. They are mere tools to spread life but not means to life. Let it all be about Him; Jesus Christ; the ancient monarch of Zion

If it’s not Him then that is not Christianity. Christianity is Christ because eternal life is Christ

Jesus Nōw | New Creation Diaries | Christ at the center of it all


Most believers will give an in-depth information about everything, but Christ. From new shows on Netflix, trendy clothing stores, online deals in the holidays to favorite sports teams and trending online gossips of their idols in the movie and entertainment industry; the celebrities. Do you wonder why one who claims to be a lover of Christ lacks the due passion and urgency to talk about His love Jesus? Is it because we don’t know how to express Him or maybe we haven’t truly experienced Him in our hearts. Sometimes, what we call zeal for Christ is mere religious practices, outside of Christ

A witness is someone who sees or was present when something was unfolding, usually a crime. To be a witness of Christ you must have experienced Him from the platform of regeneration, and progressively walk in that experience with Him. So for one to be a witness of Christ, you must have been born again and have a personal relationship with Him. Jesus left the disciples with this assuring promise in the book of Acts. He told them that they will receive power when the Holy Ghost has clothed them. Then they will boldly talk to the world about their experience. Meanwhile, these disciples had walked with Jesus for three years and you probably think they were ripe to tell their personal experiences with Jesus.

Was it so necessary for the disciples of Christ to be baptized in the Holy Ghost? Capital yes! They needed power to become. To be true witnesses of Him is not storytelling business. You need power to be a storyteller. At best you will need creativity to tingle the mind and not the power to give real life. Without power and authority the disciples would have been mere storytellers. Stories of men lacks the power to others into the image of God and overthrow the kingdom of darkness. They needed an inward sharpening and endorsement of heaven to speak as the oracles of God. So the coming of the Holy Ghost was to initiate them unto a trail of progressive fellowship with the exalted Christ, and to administer their intimacies through the person of the Holy Ghost in power. The Holy Ghost was the booster of the internal awareness of Christ, from a revelatory space, and the quickening of frail men such like Peter, to usher them to speak and demonstrated what they have personally contacted in Christ

A witness is a yielded vessel, a conduit pipe for the expression of the living Christ. Such vessels who have a personal experience of God running through their life cannot hold the beauties of their experience but rather share it with others. Most believers have not progressed into revelational experience of God. They know stories about their church, their pastors and few good accounts by Christ in the Bible. Their hearts has not been set on fire by the things they have “seen” or experience firsthand in Christ.

If you go around your city you’ll probably see mega churches that hold services awesome services every weekend but most of the members are not different from dead men. They are alive in their religious activities but they have not touch their communities a bit because their Christianity is performance oriented. Our communities are filled with pious saints, unfortunately we are only on fire inside our church buildings. Our praises and worship are our medium of witness, so to speak. Our communities are slipping away into the dark and the world cries for meaning. They search for meaning which could only be found in the story of Christ; the gospel.

Witnesses wanted… A witness, to a large extent share what he saw with someone who was not around and couldn’t wrap their mind around what took place. The world have questions. They wonder why things do not satisfy. They have tried everything. We are not witness of Christ because we were in Calvary. We are witnesses of Him because we have eternal life. We carry “the answer” in our born again spirit. He’s the life that gives light to all men. This is eternal life, Jesus said; “that they may know you as the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you sent.” So a witness possess the very life of God. He shares the abundant life of God. He has been translated from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of the one He loves. He’s a beloved because he has passed on from death to life. His whole story is about what has happened and the joy to see others appropriate such privilege of grace

Imagine every one of the pillars of societal influence is intentionally impacted by the saints, as we bring our stories to men, unashamed. Are they not telling their stories everyday? Are we not being forced to swallow the corruption of men through social media and in our communities? The world is unashamed, proclaiming their stories, which leads to death. Unfortunately. the enlivened ones are muted to the core. We are zipped to the extent that it’s crazy to talk about your faith

It is time you enlist yourself in the witness camp of Christ to serve the agenda of Christ Jesus as your Lord. The king is recruiting fresh men to push the agenda of the Kingdom, everywhere. The Lord our God is searching for men who will bring the good news of His kingdom rule, to save men and dominate our world for His glory. He is a specie of the kingdom highly dedicated to the harvest of souls that man who has yielded his life as a witness of Christ. He does not seek his own because he’s constraint by love. He’s not happy when he see the gathering of men for religious purposes. He’s only satisfied when he see renewal and transformation as core culture of the church, to develop men who were once bound by Satan and the world of sin. Numbers is nothing when hearts are dark as the world

A witness is not a person who merely talks about Christ. He’s a revealer of His power, where Satan reign; bringing all things to the obedience of Christ. The kingdom of God is not in words but the demonstration of power. The kind of witnesses God is looking for are not the ones who shy away from the power of the kingdom. Without power your witness will not be effective. We are inadequate to repel strongholds of darkness. You’ll be pushed aside by the ideological masters of our day. It is only when men see the reality of His life they swallow their pride. The system that produces uncommon in dead situations is the power of God available for the believer. Most of our witnesses are weak and beggarly. We show the weak side of “our” Christianity which is not Christianity, and the world is not interested in that kind of Christ. The world needs the Christ who is a reality and not a man centered packaged gospel sold cheaply at the corner of the street. The world need the expression of fire that challenge the statues quo and the life of the agape that heals and transformed the brokenness of men

You can’t share what is not an experience to you. Though you will share but it will yield no fruit. You are even considered fraud, to share what you didn’t experience. Your words must be spirit and life, burning from within your soul first, before it can convict the hearts of men. We are not talking about doctrines of Christ. What we are saying is more that a dogma. We are talking about food not the menu. Jesus said, the words I speak to you they are spirit and life. It is the life in the word that transforms. So weak vessels must yield their lives completely to God through consecration, so that the flow of the river would be uninterrupted by self. The world must drink living waters by making contact with us. Is the river of life running through your vessels, turning deserts into Eden?

Witnesses are governmental agents. They represent the king, therefore they must show up as the auspices of Christ. Self will be defeated by the parallel government of darkness if we show up on the account of self. The goal of Satan is to stop believers so he could extend his dominion over men. It is sad to see how our world is being bankrupt with true life, looking everywhere for something that satisfies. Our youths are groping in the dark, also searching for relevance in the mundane accessories. They can’t find light in the darkness. It is in the light of Christ men shall see light. He is the authentic source of meaning and we are the channels of the convincing life. Glory to God! This is why we have the confidence to turn dark situations because we don’t come on our own terms. Such as we have in Christ we give. Halleluia

Our message is simple; “come home, Christ has paid the price for you. Stop running, he’s waiting with opened arms.” This is the goodness of God which was wrought in Christ Jesus for our salvation. Every believer should treat this commission with urgency. Share Christ everywhere with everyone. Tell of His Love and of His coming judgment. Rescue the perishing, fire in your bones. Start where you are, your Jerusalem, and extend it to the uttermost parts of the world. Share your witnessing stories with us to encourage others. Shalom

Jesus Nōw | 2021 New Creation Diaries | Receive Power To Witness |Bible Ref: Acts 1:8, Jn 17:3, Jn 6:63, Ps 16:11, Ps 36:9