Scripture Reading: 1 Cor. 1:30

In 1:30 Paul says that Christ Jesus “became wisdom to us from God: both righteousness and sanctification and redemption.” Paul does not say that Christ is wisdom to us; he says that Christ became wisdom to us. This indicates that at one time Christ was not wisdom to us, but that He later became wisdom to us. For example, to say that I am your friend is somewhat different from saying that I became your friend. To say that I became your friend implies that once I was not your friend, but now I have become a friend to you. Christ could not become wisdom to us before we were in Him. But when we believed in Christ, God put us into Him. Then Christ became wisdom to us.

Suppose that a certain young lady is in poverty. One day she marries a millionaire. On that very day she becomes rich. Formerly she was poor, but now she has become rich. In a similar way, formerly, because we were not yet in Him, Christ was not wisdom to us. But once we believed into Christ and God put us in Him, He became wisdom to us.

Notice that in verse 30 Paul does not say that Christ became our wisdom; he says that Christ became wisdom to us. For Christ to become wisdom to us is different from His becoming our wisdom. Day by day, we need Christ to be wisdom to us. We may again use electricity as an illustration. To speak of our electricity is different from speaking of electricity being to us. When electricity is to you, you receive an electrical charge. For electricity to be your electricity means that it belongs to you, but for electricity to be to you means that it is transmitted to you and that you experience it. Likewise, to say that Christ is our wisdom is rather general, not experiential. But when Christ becomes wisdom to us, we experience Him.

Paul had not only knowledge but also a great deal of spiritual experience. Furthermore, he knew the situation among the believers. As Christians, we may say, “We have Christ as our wisdom.” However, this does not mean very much in experience. It is similar to saying, “We have electricity as our power.” We may say this and actually not have light or heat, because electricity is not yet to us. We may also have Christ as our wisdom without having Christ being wisdom to us. We need Christ to become wisdom to us.

In verse 30 I appreciate the two phrases “to us” and “from God.” Christ became wisdom to us from God. The expression “to us from God” indicates something present, practical, and experiential in the way of transmission. Continually, Christ must become wisdom to us from God. This indicates a living, ongoing transmission. The words “to” and “from” indicate that a present, living, and practical transmission is taking place from God to us.

Paul composed verse 30 in the way he did in order to indicate to the believers in Corinth that Christ should continually become wisdom to them from God. Christ as wisdom should unceasingly flow from God to them. However, their actual situation was contrary to this. Christ may have been their wisdom, but He was not presently flowing to them from God. Once again I wish to point out that Paul does not say, “Christ is God’s wisdom,” or “Christ is your wisdom.” He says, “Christ became wisdom to us from God.” This indicates that Christ should continually flow from God to us and be our present and practical wisdom in our experience.

It is important for us to learn to apply the Bible to our experience. The Bible is not primarily a book of doctrine; it is a book of life, and life is a matter of experience. What is revealed in the Bible must be living to us and applicable to us in our experience.

In verse 30 both the punctuation and the grammar are significant. After the phrase “from God” there is a colon. This indicates that wisdom includes the three items which follow the colon, that is, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption. According to Greek grammar, the word “both” is used with respect not to two items but to three. Although this is awkward in our language, the translation is accurate according to the Greek. In verse 30 Paul definitely says Christ “became wisdom to us from God: both righteousness and sanctification and redemption.” This wisdom implies righteousness, sanctification, and redemption.

Christ was made wisdom to us from God as three vital things in God’s salvation: righteousness (for our past), by which we have been justified by God, that we might be reborn in our spirit to receive the divine life (Rom. 5:18); sanctification (for the present), by which we are being sanctified in our soul, that is, transformed in our mind, emotion, and will, with the divine life (Rom. 6:19, 22); and redemption (for the future), that is, the redemption of our body (Rom. 8:23), by which we will be transfigured in our body with His divine life to have His glorious likeness (Phil. 3:21). It is of God that we participate in such a complete and perfect salvation, making our entire being—spirit, soul, and body—organically one with Christ, and making Christ everything to us. It is altogether of God, not of ourselves, that we may boast and glory in Him, not in ourselves.

It is certainly correct to say that Christ is righteousness for our past, sanctification for our present, and redemption for our future. After we believe in the Lord Jesus and are justified, we need to live a holy life, a sanctified life. The subjective experience of sanctification implies transformation, a process which takes place in our soul. The redemption of our body will occur in the future. Thus, we were regenerated in our spirit when we believed in the Lord, we are in the process of being transformed, sanctified, in our soul, and, in the future, our body will be redeemed, transfigured.

Although this understanding is correct, we must point out that this is an interpretation of verse 30. Because it is an interpretation, we should not allow Paul’s meaning here to be limited by it. Yes, for a sinner to be fully saved, he must pass through three steps: regeneration in the spirit, sanctification in the soul, and transfiguration, redemption, in the body. When this process is complete, we shall be the same as the Lord Jesus. According to 1 John 3:2, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is. Today we are not like the Lord in our body. But when our body is transfigured, fully redeemed, we shall be wholly like Him.

Righteousness, sanctification, and redemption are not only related to our past, present, and future. Daily we need Christ as righteousness, sanctification, and redemption. Every day we need to be righteous, we need to be sanctified, and we need to be redeemed, not only in one matter, but in all matters. For example, in dealing with their children, some parents may still behave in an old way. Thus, these parents need to be righteous, holy, and redeemed in relation to their children

By Witness Lee /www.livingstream.com


The true identity and character of anything in the realm of time, especially man, has a reference point in the realm of the spirit. Therefore, any spiritual person should be able to decipher the forces that sponsors the character and activities of mortals


Satan is truly cunning, you’ll have to master the ways of God, in order to overcome his wiles. Many of our brethren are deteriorating each day through chronic unrest in their souls. It dawns on me this morning to share these glorious truths with the body of Christ. The pilgrim path looks darker until His lamp shines upon our path. I have personally walked through some deep valleys in this life, and it was in those heartbreaking seasons that the good Lord unveiled to me these dimensions in the spirit. These are trusted ways of the Kingdom of God that governs the troubling patterns of fear, insecurity, and confusion that easily finds expression in our lives. God leads us through still waters to drink freely from the river of life— that precious possibilities which is available to the believer but somehow veiled to so many of us. We will journey into these profound yet powerful keys of the kingdom of God to get Satan and his minions completely out of our way and be refreshed in His rest. Our world is saturated with so much fear, wether you are a “veteran in the Lord” or an amateur in this pilgrim path you will be swept away.

This devil, the enemy of our God, he comes to steal, kill and destroy. That is his manifesto from the days of Adam till today. The last time I check (John 10:10) his manifesto has not been amended. It has only been repackaged and branded. Our goal today is to master the power of fear and all the evils that seeks to impact our state of tranquility in Christ. It is the goal of Christ that the believer walks in the abundant life until we are swallowed into its depths. That life must find expression in all its possibilities in every endeavor of the believer, regardless of the circumstances around you. It behaves us to ascend to a higher place of knowledge to capture the operational dynamics of our God, so we will be able to appropriate the hope of our calling and legislate His will on earth. We are to shine forth His light in all of the areas where Satan seeks to dominates with chaos and despair.

Our goal is to master the power of fear, sponsored by the negative eternity to impact our state of tranquility in Christ

We are taught in scripture “to not fret”. Meaning, what we should not do, in the face of life battles. The Lord is saying to us, don’t worry my child. Again, He tach us how not to worry. The how not to worry hinges on prayer, petition, thanksgiving. This is the basic kingdom principle to deal with the evil patterns of worry. Unfortunately, many Christians do not know how to practically apply this truth to take advantage of the peace of God and overrule the legislation of the kingdom of darkness. First, let’s read this admonitions of the Spirit as captured in Paul’s epistle to the Philippians…

“Do not fret or have any anxiety about anything, but in every circumstance and in everything, by prayer and petition (definite requests), with thanksgiving, continue to make your wants known to God. And God’s peace [shall be yours, that tranquil state of a soul assured of its salvation through Christ, and so fearing nothing from God and being content with its earthly lot of whatever sort that is, that peace] which transcends all understanding shall garrison and mount guard over your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”
‭‭Philippians‬ ‭4:6-7‬ ‭AMPC‬‬


My friend, it’s a lie from the devil. You can stop it and it’s stopping today in the name of the Christ, our Lord. There is a system in Christ to overcome the stronghold of the wicked. Follow carefully and with an open heart. Firstly, I’ll show you how Satan works to gain control over your mind with all kinds of troubles and fears. Every thought starts from a mechanical place. Meaning you in your own accord will start the process of thinking over an issue. Let’s say, today is 29 December, and you have to pay your rent by January 3. Which means you have five days to clear that rent but your account balance is not healthy, and there is no way to turn this around by your economic numbers. Satan will seize the opportunity in your misaligned thoughts to enslave you. We attract a dimension of our thought pattern from the spiritual realm, wether negative or positive, as we yield yourself consistently. Once there is that consistency in negative thinking the spirit in perfect alignment with your action will takeover your thought and control the journey


The natural thing most people will do is to start figuring things out in your brain when things are not lining up the way you want. Something in you want to scream, time is ticking so fast, and every source of help has become silent. That mental process is what I call mechanical thinking. No one is forcing you to think in that dimension of your thought but yourself. That is mechanical. Most often than not such thought patterns will travel into some mysterious places as the days wind down upon us. Each day will become a bit darker when you realize nothing fruitful is coming out from any place. When our mechanical thoughts does not flow in the direction of the promises of God, what happens next is that Satan takes over from there. Most people will think, they are still on the mechanical level, finding ways and means to pay that bill but what they don’t realize is that a demon spirit who see a dimension of their expression in someone, a place, or a people, according to legalities of the spiritual realm has descended into that space to establish governmental expression.

The first law of the spiritual realm says that We become slaves to whatever we yield ourselves to in obedience, wether willfully or unknowingly. It doesn’t matter who you are, once you yield yourself consistently to anything, wether good or bad, in that dimension of the spirit realm a spiritual force will come over and sponsor such activity effortlessly until it become a natural part of you. Once a spirit takes over your mind it may seemed to you, you’re the one doing the thinking, sadly, you would realize you don’t have what it takes to stop the direction of your mind, and the results of such an activity in your life. This is where the devil brings other minions in your space to mess up everything around and if possible destroy your destiny. Not so many people understand this realm so they yield everyday to the wrong realm. This law is well established in scripture, according to Paul’s letter to the Romans.

“Do you not know that if you continually surrender yourselves to anyone to do his will, you are the slaves of him whom you obey, whether that be to sin, which leads to death, or to obedience which leads to righteousness (right doing and right standing with God)?”
‭‭Romans‬ ‭6:16‬ ‭AMPC‬‬

Now that we have cleared this hump, we will jump into the reality of dealing with the takeover or how to stop the devil before he establish dominion in our life. Satan, as I said earlier, is very cunning and persistent. He operates from a legal standpoint. He does not have power over the believer, but once he sees an open door he has the legal grounds to enter and thrive in such environment, as long as he can. The thought process started from a mechanical place, either through a suggestion from the devil or by your own volition. We may have taken the bait. However, we can break free from that grip through a new consciousness in Christ power. At this level of the mind battle some just give us. They are always fooled into thinking that they are in control yet every manifestation of their life do not align with Gods peace. They carry a different vibe from the soul realm, which then takes a toll on their bodies, business, marriage, ministry, relationships and to the largest extent, death. I tell you, Satan did not come to pamper you. He is against the will of peace in your life, and he will do anything for you to hand him your freedom. Today, the Lord is breaking the shackles through knowledge


I am happy you’re seeking for a practical way in Christ to stop the overwhelming surge of evil from the camp of the enemy, and the many areas areas in your life enslaved into the prisons of despair. We are supposed to be slaves of Christ, where righteousness and the total embodiment of Gods glory finds expression in us, on this side of eternity. Demons are a reality looking for an expression in us. Yes, their goal is to be expressed until they become the reality you do not want and block you from the wisdom of God, delaying your total freedom from their deluge. We see many aspects of demonic expressions in our society today — Sicknesses, poverty, sin, weaknesses, shame, guilt, murder, addictions, immorality and so forth. Things the experts have no answer, although they try their best. They can only help you temporarily. You can’t dealt with evil from a scientific approach. They are all an expression of the kingdom of darkness. A door was opened somewhere until these evil materials became a reality in some quarters of our society. This is why I summon the church of Jesus Christ to be urgent watchmen for our communities and cities.

What prayer does is that, it makes us, by changing the initial internal configuration of Christ which was corrupted by the devil through his suggestions and invasion

The principle of prayer allows the believer to interface with abba, and pick His thoughts concerning every situation, and let His promptings and guidance become your focal point or reality. I have heard folk say stuff like “will prayer pay my rent?” Such individuals doesn’t understand the efficacy of prayer in the realms of the spirit. To them prayer is a religious performance. Such I will understand — Religious performance will not pay your rent because a personal God is not involved in their religion. To shift away from prayer is a departure from the arena where supernatural rest of God domiciles. Our anchor scriptures says, “But in every circumstance and in everything, prayer.” Prayer takes you from the place of self to the place where possibilities abound. Such place is beyond your own intelligence, creativity, and ability to handle complex situations which is sourced from the negative eternal; the realm of the devil. Most believers want freedom but they hate prayer. The last time some people prayed was the Easter holidays, when they assembled with other believers and prayed religiously. Such kind of an attitude will put you into total slavery and destroy many things in and around you. You have to learn this powerful system of prayer God has made available for us, humans, to interface with Him and legislate His will on earth

Friend, prayer and petition also requires personal discipline until you master it through the help of God. The same law of Romans 6:15 applies also to prayer. Once you begin, it may seem boring and sometimes you may even dozed off as if you don’t have problems. Keep keeping on until the spirit dimension of the power of God, which helps us in our infirmities clothe you. We do not know how to pray. We are bankrupt without the clothing of the Spirit of God. When you hit the unusual dimension of being a slave to the spirit of God, you’ll realize that your prayer which was somehow started mechanical has now entered into the energies of God, propelling you to soar into the heights of Zion, where anxiety and all emotional stress have to unclothe you. What prayer does is that, it makes us, by changing the initial internal configuration of Christ which was corrupted by the devil through his suggestions and invasion. Until our inward life aligns with God, though we may be sincere Christian’s, Satan will still have the legal right to control you. So pray, pray, pray — Pray intelligently through your problems and pray at all times before even a problem will surface from the realm of darkness. We are in a constant battle in our thoughts

“In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know how we ought to pray, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groans too deep for words.”
‭‭Romans‬ ‭8:26‬ ‭BSB‬‬

One more thing, when you detect a thought which is not in alignment with truth, regardless of how factual that thought may be, don’t stay with it and don’t assent to it in your mind. When you just let those thoughts sit inside your heart for a while, it will attract the dimension from the realm that sponsored that thought. That thought will become your reality. What you do is to speak against that thought. Yes, one aspect of prayer is to take authority through Christ by commanding the devil. You can say something like “SATAN, YOU CANNOT THINK YOUR THOUGHTS THROUGH ME. YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE! IN JESUS NAME I COMAND YOU OUT RIGHT NOW.” If you’re in a crowded place and you can’t do that, excuse yourself and find a place and kick him out of your thought by speaking out.

Satan, you cannot think your thoughts through me. You are not welcome here. In Jesus name, I command you out right now

Some people do not know the potency of these spiritual dimensions so they will just sit around;contemplating, instead of speaking out and establishing their authority in Christ. I know sometimes you can ponder on negative things and be justified in your mind. Though you are right in this matter but the suggested thought is from the devil, to make a wild decision against the who has hurt you. Don’t fall for that trick. We seek the will of God over every matter of life and yield our life to the government of heaven. There are Christians dealing with high blood pressure today, fighting all kinds of emotional problems because they are holding so much resentments, anger, unforgiveness in their heart. Based on evidence, they were not treated right. Satan doesn’t care wether you are right or justified. He’s looking for an avenue to imprison your emotions and if possible kill you with all kinds of diseases, which started from a mechanical place. Forgive, and cast out that devil from your house right now. You deserve better; life in abundance and not resentment and death.

Forgive, and cast out that devil from your house right now. You deserve better; life in abundance and not resentment and death.

Finally, continue to lay calmly on the altar of trust. At this moment the problem, which is the rental money has not been provided to you. It depends, but God will first configure your hearts and minds into assurance, as it is in heaven. You don’t have the money but your heart and mind is in a stable place and you are going through life as is normally is. When you reach this level of peace it may still seemed like you are the one controlling your emotions. No, this is how God deliver us first before He visits the external problems. Do you know how much care about us? If He neglects the wandering of the hearts, which is being sponsored by the enemy, having the money doesn’t solve the unrest. That’s why God may take time to heal some people because they don’t help speed the activity of the Spirit in their lives. I am praying for you for supernatural peace. It’s also one of the ways to stand in the gap for others. I promise you, you are in my prayers. You win no mater what you are facing today

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