“The heavens are telling the glory of God, and the firmament proclaims the work of his hands. Every day they pour forth speech, and every night they tell knowledge. There is no speech and there are no words; their sound is inaudible.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭19:1-3‬ ‭LEB‬‬

By superior power and splendor the monarch of Zion has produced the superterrestrial spheres, which the natural eyes will always get lost in its infinite space and mystery. Daily we are dazed into the song of the heavens

O’ the constellations declare how glorious our God is, day and night, and indeed this masterpiece is like honeyed fountains pouring forth the sweetness of a master creator. The simple and the wise are struck by its poetic aesthetics and rhythms.

Our hearts are pulled every day into the wildest places of the life of the stars, the sun, and the moon that orbits the earth like an ancient pilgrim, drowned in the ecstasy of of his curious eyes

However, the word of the Lord is preferred above the beauties of the constellations. The word of God is not a mere vehicle to God but a revelation of God. The word of God is the embodiment of God extended unto men in a form of Bible, so we can interface with Him.

I see the the word of God as an opened portal captured through deep reverential fear, stirring our inward man to travel with God to the depths of Himself for spiritual intimacy. Through the revealed word, we are transformed into His image, from glory to glory. The word makes us what we are not; the likeness of God. I was regenerated by the word; the ever-living word, therefore it is natural for me to yearn for the word like the deer pants for water in the wilderness

It is also in the light of the word we walk through darkness. The word is a lamp to our feet, when by its wisdom we tread on higher places, in the context of doubts and fears. The word is not only a portal of light: it is also a deposit of God, an entrance, an impartation of the character of His life and wisdom in us to overcome this cold dark world. For those whose hearts are opened to its release, they live from an ascended place, unperturbed by the storms of life

Some stare in the word like literature book or a magazine on the bill table for mere information. Some are also bound by the religious idea of fulfilling their daily quota of reading, to please their religious minds. Only those who see the word as a shining light of God, and get themselves drowned in its boundless oceans see the greatness of God. We are helped by the Holy Spirit to encounter God in a personal way because our hearts are thirsty for a personal God

“The law of Yahweh is perfect, reviving life. The testimony of Yahweh is firm, making wise the simple. The precepts of Yahweh are right, making the heart rejoice. The command of Yahweh is pure, enlightening the eyes.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭19:7-8‬ ‭LEB

The word must be treasured. Yes, treasured more than our necessary food for which gives us physical nourishment. When Gods word is treasured above everything else, it begins to unfold itself before our eyes with the graces of God, rejoicing our souls and revitalize our lives, and change impossible circumstances.

My goal is to daily contact Christ in His word. I have been denied of the real nourishment of the Spirit life for many years, when all I did was filling my head with knowledge. My only reward was pride, because knowledge without revelation will only puff you up. The word is God and God is love, and love will always builds you up. This is the reason many believers are caught in the web of fear because they have not built capacity in their inward life. The word is not alive in them. They always seek help from the world when seasons change on them.

Our ways are littered with distractions, and the chance of losing your momentum is high. Sometimes we pause and weep but then we are encouraged y the word, as the spirit of God summons us into truth that sets the soul free. We get back up and dust ourselves, running like true soldiers of Christ. Without the word we will quit forever.

When get ourselves deep in the word, we find comfort in knowing that, God will make a way when there seems to be no way, wether night or day. I love your words because there is no light in me to navigate through this dark tunnel, and there is no friend like you, who would draw closer to my frailty, and patiently guide me through life. How can I treat your word like a penny lost

Jesus Nōw / 2021 New Creation Diaries / Daily I See Your Face

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