Spirit To Spirit


“I am intrinsically wired with the ability to make accurate decisions,” I was made to believe. I bought into another lies of the times. A lie that forms the culture of this upside down world. A lie that has shaped sincere believers into self dependent creatures. It’s a lie to think that man in himself is capable to guide his own path, reaching the zenith of peace and wholeness only God can offer. We are dependent beings — God is the expression of our life in all things. He’s the treasure of all wisdom and in Him we are complete. The parallel government of darkness aims to deprive men of the flowing life of God towards man’s wholeness on this side of eternity. Jesus came to offer life to us in abundance but the goal of the adversary is to entangle our paths with erroneous ideas of the world to deny us of the exceeding life in God

Lies hangs over my soul, and the soul of many brethren. Our teeth are set on the edge of death because in the inadequacy of our flesh we still want to steer the wheels of this vehicle called life. Many accidents, many casualties; the fruit of a life directed by the carnal instincts and the formula of the flesh. We have become an enemy of God unknowingly because no one taught us that death dwells in our flesh and the decisions of our flesh doesn’t resonate with the will and pleasures of heaven.

To carnally facilitate your life will definitely leads to many dark days. It is just a matter of time, even if you feel you are in control and secure today. You were saved to yield to the sovereign rule of the Kingdom of God through your vessels. Our place is to surrender to that incorruptible life flowing through our born again spirit. Pride says, I have the discipline to maneuver through life, escaping it’s perils. O another lie of the flesh

“For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be. But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. (Romans‬ ‭8:6-7 KJVAAE‬‬)

The goal of the everyday man is to find life and peace. We want to find fulfillment. We crave for something surreal through the resources of the world. Unfortunately nothing satisfies. Nothing is as precious as the soul clothed with the true life and peace of God through spirit to Spirit interface. Millions of dollars are budgeted towards the development of families, communities, and cities through governmental agencies, tailored programs and the establishment of modern infrastructures for the wellbeing of all, yet the end goals are far-fetched

The element of projects and programs subscribed to bring life and peace in our communities are temporary. It takes more than human structures to guarantee an eternal reality of life and peace in society. Life and peace are not mere elements of God which He dispenses upon us from time to time. God is life; a reality of imperishable essence that lightens the world and give true meaning to everything swallowed into its possibilities; the living life. That’s what who we have to pursue at all cost

A mind, a family, community, business, church, and nations deprived of the reality of Gods life-light as the compass is heading into confusion and darkness. Regardless of how you can guide decisions by your own intelligence, you don’t have what it takes to sustain it through all weather because you are not all knowing and all capable reality. It is in Christ we outsource that vitality of life. There is a system in God that can sustain a man through all weather and seasons, and that system is spirit to spirit or the yielding of the mind to the eternal nature, promises, provisions and supply of the all knowing Spirit of God in Christ Jesus

Death is the result of a mind set on the provisions and supply of the flesh through the spirit of this world. God is not in such economy of the carnal mind, which is the soul structure of man and the flesh; the receptacle of the Adamic nature. They are both enemies of God until they are renewed and influenced completely by the nature of God in our recreated spirit until we are dead to the whispers of the flesh

The Psalmist echoes the dynamics of the life reality in God as against the corruption of hell and death that seeks dominion over our life, communities and even our nations. Metaphorically, hell and death represents the complete dominion of darkness; a life deprived of the gracious expressions of the living life of God, swallowed into earthy decay.

“For thou wilt not leave my soul in hell; neither wilt thou suffer thine Holy One to see corruption. Thou wilt show me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.”
‭‭Psalm‬ ‭16:10-11‬ ‭KJVAAE‬‬

There is a path of life that leads you to the living fountains where true joy abides. Jesus is both the path of life and the fountain of life for the satisfaction of men, forever. The means to this boundless fountain is the Spirit of Christ, finding expression in your soul. In Christ, there is life and not death. To be habitually experiencing uneasiness, anxiety, confusion and total lack of hope in your pilgrim path is a sure sign that your life is under the control of the flesh and that you have not given God the sole privilege to be Lord over your mind. Yes, no one can avoid the challenges of this life yet in Christ Jesus we win, even in the fire or through the deepest depths of the oceans. If we trustfully and humbly yield our heart and souls to the all knowing Spirit, He will express the goodness of God in our vessels. I have seen men waxed strong in the face of adversities because they knew how to run to the counsel of the living waters to fill their souls with the higher life of Christ. I have also seen men broken into pieces as if they have no God in their corner because they leaned upon their carnal minds to fix a world of impossibilities in their life. Such men are difficult to affect positively through the word because it is not in their natural habitat to yield to the simplicity of the Spirit. They have to be broken first before God can help them

As we begin to set our hearts to the guidance of the Spirit on every matter, the Spirit floods our faculties of decisions and actions with accuracy of wisdom, knowledge, life and peace, which would be the stability and the guarantee of our life to stand against the onslaughts of the times. It may not make sense to the world around you as you obediently yield and follow the path of the word, but your reward will be openly noticed, due to the impartation of the true life Gods shalom peace which will clothe the entirety of your being like a garment. This is how we are captured by a higher life to bring us to the winning place in God. You have access into the immeasurable life of God by the Spirit to win over the complex attacks of the spirit of corruption, lust and death that wants to establish governmental dominion over your life, to the displeasure of the will of your Heavenly Father for your life. It grieves God to see us collapsed into the arms of the flesh because the end is always death. Come O Lord! Take over my life for your pleasure and my wholeness and the wholeness of everything around me

Jesus Nōw | 2021 New Creation Diaries | Rule Thou O Lord


Prayer is the potential duty of man. To not pray is death. By prayer we cohabitate with God in the eternal habitat, giving birth to possibilities in time. Man is wired to know God in His heart and live on this side of eternity as true expression of God. Prayer is the medium to establish these dimensions and more

Prayer will first make you before you make it

Matthew‬ ‭6:17-18‬ ‭KJVAAE “But thou, when thou fastest, anoint thine head, and wash thy face; that thou appear not unto men to fast, but unto thy Father which is in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.”

Man was designed to bear this glorious fruit called God in his vessel on this side of eternity

Necessity is laid upon man to interface with his creator in order for true expression to be established. The duty of man is to drink with God from the same cup but not to find an oasis in the desert, not to hung onto things, nor self. This is our potential duty. It is inherent in us to be conscious of God and seek Him like the way deers pants for water in the wilderness. It is the potential duty of a deer to find living streams in his habitat so God gave it the ability to smell the scent of water even from afar. This is why they pants for water; to drink freely and continue their natural order as designed by God

In the same plane, mango trees are supposed to bear mango fruits, being exposed to water and sunlight. Maybe more. The issue with humans is that the fall, through Adams rebellious act of partaking from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil has mutated our design. Sin entered the world and death spread everywhere, damaging a perfect union between God and man. Our soul structure was distorted and became a dwelling place of evil, influencing a deep longing and a chasing after vanity. Sin cluttered and reshaped our potential duty to mingle with God and bear fruit that is worthy of Him.

Our corrupted souls stands in the presence of things; seeking fullness from such a false reality, an illusion.

Prayer is much deeper than the notion we have in our religious head. Whenever you hear prayer then it’s about a sudden problem we have to bring before God. Yes, God promises us, to cast our cares upon Him but our cares are not the ultimate of prayer. The priority of prayer is our participation in God. Prayer set the stage for mortals to mingle in the presence of a Holy God until we are constantly permeated with His essence. This was the place Adam functioned before the fall. He didn’t have to pray and request things. He prayed into fellowship as an entity of God in the earth plane

Do we drink water because we become thirsty? That is far from that. We drink water because we are designed to have a certain amount of water in our system. [I don’t know all the sciences concerning water and man but I know we need it] To not drink is against the natural order of your body. We drink because we are designed to drink whenever we want to. We pray because eternity has been established in our hearts to make contact with God, who dwells in eternity. If you see prayer this way you will be constrain by an organic love to be in the presence of your Father in heaven.

It is on the basis of our identity we return to God, our nature, all the time

One of the secret things I have learned through prayer is that your relationship with God in the secret place will first make you. When I say make you… what I mean is that there are so many things in our lives that needs proper adjustment and alignment in order for us to walk into victory. Through the presence of God, such hidden matters of our souls which are a reproach to God and our profiting are straighten or cured by God. Addictions, weakness, doubts, unbelief, sin, dejections and worries, just to mention a few. These are items of the dark eternity that limits the effulgence of God in our lives. Sometimes, we come to God for, let’s say monetary gains, and patiently He works wisdom into our hearts and deal with all the hidden layers of limitations within us instead of giving you the monetary freedom.

You went to God for money but didn’t get it on time, yet in your constant pursuit and hunger for His presence, He laid you on the altar and chiseled something special into your heart, which was necessary for your spiritual journey. Your profiting became evident to all because the Lord has touch you where necessary. The prophet Isaiah talks about a certain renewal that takes place in hearts of all who waits upon the Lord. They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They mount up with wings like eagles. But to mount up with wings like an eagle will sometimes takes days, weeks, months or years. This is the enterprise of prayer that requires perseverance. Stay there, in the secret place, never to worry about anything because God is making you into something that may take you months to notice.

God, He make you in the secret place before you make it in the public terrain

I have also learned that in the secret place God begins to place demands upon our flesh, requiring your obedient response. Many quit the duty to stay in the natural environment of prayer because their goal was not fellowship and transformation. They have their own religious idea that prayer is all about announcing your petitions before the altar of God like a man before an idol. No, our God will talk to you. He will pour His heart into your spirit. Sometimes, He will not answer your questions but lay a burden upon your heart to test your heart of love. Those burdens if executed with reverence will launch you into the next level of His purpose. As if He will be done with you when you have faithfully executed His will. Oh, the Spirit will continue to press into your soul and demand more from you, until you have yielded your life completely to His purpose. You went for healing. Now He is prompting you to evangelize in your community. You went for strength but now He’s telling you to be kind to someone you don’t like or intercede for your nation or a family you do not know. And you will be wondering if your own issue is not a necessity to Him.

Many has been pushed to the presence of God through a very critical situation and for months their problem were alive as coals of fire and the currency of the Spirits peace, love, faith, and patience sizzling in their hearts is unbelievable. Such men may be healed at a later time but they became better men than before and their community could testify of their profit. This is how God sometimes rewards our obedience and patience in His presence. Do you see this dimension of prayer? This is the matured realm of spiritual men who go to the secret place to seek the burdens of God to execute it. You don’t have any reason to pray?Then you have lost your natural design through this evil age. May the Spirit of God stir you up to return to the arms of your loving Father and of His Christ. Stay blessed in His presence. [See Luke 18:1]