Melodious Kisseś

O’ earth-sweetest-song, don'trefrain from conversing withmy essence, the choruses ofchivalry, because I’mconverting into askilful dancer My heart has begotten arose garden, a sweet streamfor migrant birds O’ sweet-song-darling,Come to my cottage tonight,Let's drink love again, untilI am intoxicated; completelyLost in your melodious kisses O’ Earth's-sweetest-song Earth's sweetest-song | The writer acknowledges his own state of … Continue reading Melodious Kisseś

I send yøu lovè

I send you peace. I pray hope your way. Light shine in dark upside-down worlds of our souls, to see life and embrace the courage to face each day. I am an earth child full of fears. Dear Lord, please hold me in the arms of love. Your perfect love cast away fears and doubts. … Continue reading I send yøu lovè