this heart cries

i want to travel tothe unknownwith you. i want to winwith you.i want to crywith you; our soulsentwined withthe glow of a millionstars of the Ancientskies. i want to be buriedbeside you; our soulslounging in the corridorsof those who still speak,though they are gone.


Cover me. Fill me. My naked scars, and emptiness. May thy soul lifts it's ancient garments, to nestle me in peace. β€’ I lay on dark beds Sitting at the center Of the universal bubble ___ β€’ Toss and turn Mind leans on Empty promises My shield catch Fire, my soul in Retreat, almost In …

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Consider myself as anything worth emulating Why would you waste your time and resources Trying to become anything worthless in being I am worthless I am hopeless A destitute, standing under the spotlight There is nothing good within me, except ego There is nothing good within me except illusions They went out there, looking for …

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what good in a fall? someday, you will understand. you will grow up to understand that, sometimes, you need a real fall; crushing your bones on the concrete floor, breaking to pieces, like Humpty Dumpty, on the side- walk of life. when you've learned to pick yourself up, you will appreciate the struggle; embracing the …

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The imago dei She is so beautiful Gorgeously blessed Through and through 2 She lost it all; A decade ago When beauty took a new form A direction; The wrong direction 3 Alas! She joined the rat race Unending universal marathon 4 Tell her! The crushed petal of the flower; You are beautiful Just as you are …

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