I. Ordination

A fragrant song is upon my soul, Like the sun upon a withered flower But my lips are tight to your pressing

II. Manifest

What’s inside me is on rooftops and Honey mountains, and even distant birds love To gather in such places, where God is

III. Idea

A song for a million army to chant is trapped inside the cave of a wounded soldier

IV. Sin

A song is upon me, God is within me, a seed cries, to sprout, But my lips are unclean and my feet is heavy with doubt

VI. Walls

I dwell amid a people who throw water in the fire, and darkness in the light. I have become an empty furnace, a shade of silhouette

VII. Enchanted

A face is upon me: “Come and burn your Soul again in this flame” T’is what grace Is doing; Wooing my heart, to explode with her songs on rooftops and mountains

IX. Breathe

You owe the world love and you must pay her with your sunshine soul, clothed into everything you do

X. Mundane

This earthy fruit is not a principle of the Friend who lives from within. This law, this rotten fruit corrupts eternities within.

XI. Tamed

O’ this invisible government reigns over the flesh and the strong among men can’t burn his fragrant song in open fields, willingly

XII. Illusions

What are these unknown pillars that promise To hold the soul’s castle but doesn’t have even the Leaf’s strength to withstand the storm, when it comes?

XIII. Gravity

The wisdom of a stone can’t defy the harsh reality of gravity. The frailty of a bird doesn’t stop it from Writing its name in the skies

XIV. Gospel

O’ this wisdom is simple but it’s divine and Freeing to my soul. The frailty of a bird doesn’t stop it from writing its name in the skies

XV. Life

God is a bird within; a law of freedom, wisdom and power to soar

XVI. Wisdom

O’ the wisdom Of man; a stone crumbling from the heights of lies and illusions

XVII. Eden

We learned to talk to trees and flowers again, as It was in the beginning, but trees and flowers Were not gods. Trees and flowers; Are they not Pathways to the beauty of the handyman?

XVIII. Affection

We are not fulfilled as we used to. We stopped Singing songs of the tree of life, rather singing and dancing to the old songs of the old serpent

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