When I see your face

the candle inside me becomes a million

blooming stars and moonlights,

dancing on the

edges of my insecurities

Pure honey, sweet rivers, crystal fountain

Your face is pure honey, O’ radiant one

Your face is a sweet river O’ ancient one

a crystal fountain in the desert, you are

O’ the desire of the nations

When I see your face

All faces become liquid gold in my gaze

Because I see all men with your eyes

within my eyes

Illuminate the darkness within my eyes;

I will see all things in its

glorified fashion, in it’s sweetness,

in its tasteful essence

The world died twice. The world died twice

He refused to be baptised in your face, in your light,

But drowning in the world, because he loves the world

More than the light of your face;

The source of his breath.

Photo credit: google image

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