Who am I that you will be mindful of me? Do I deserve to speak before your holiness

I am committed to you because you are committed to me in the spirit of sonship. This is the love that was in the beginning which now resides with you.

This is the gift of grace and power committed to upholding everything that has been made by me and for me, till the end of time.

Let the impressions of my presence permeate the heart of your emotions, curtailing the circumstances around you that appear overwhelming to you.

Nothing could ever change my plan towards you, not even your mistakes or the sudden assault of the evil one. Everything unfolds into greater purposes unimaginable, especially all who call upon my name from a sincere heart.

I sing over you with a million voices of tenderness

You are not alone, my child. Let my love sink in deep within the crevices of your heart. Yes, let your eyes within your eyes behold my good promises which are forever settled, waiting for you to embrace

I sing over you, not as a beggarly servant displays his gifts unto his master. I sing over you from a place of deepest commitment of love, royalty and dominion, to establish your heart on the path of abundance and purpose

Isaiah 9:7 KJVAE “Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever. The zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform this.”

O’ child, be refreshed from the weariness of your wandering. O’ child, sit at my feet and drink to your fill. Fill your heart with the themes of my ways and works and you will disentangle your heart from the eerie sounds that’s lurk inside you.

How can I fill my life with your beauties when I am decorated with scars and fears like a garment?

O’ child, my zeal towards you is performing a work in you right now as you yield on the altar of surrender. Tell me what is impossible with me? Tell me what is harder for me? I see your fears and shame. I see your wounds and loneliness but nothing changes if you hold on to the darkness. Breathe! Cast it upon me and take the yoke of my presence ( my yoke is light) upon your soul because I care to offload you of these unimaginable burdens and crown you with real peace

You will live. Child, you will live and not die. For my glory is here, even at this moment; comforting, restoring and delivering you from the darkest clouds that hang over your soul. You are free to celebrate the significance of your ordination

Come up high, your lover awaits, to breathe hope into your ears. Hope that awakens the heart and mends the soul to weather through the storm of life

O’ child, can you not see it? Wipe the tears from your eyes and fill your mouth with the words of life. Speak to the dead cells of your body: just work with me as I clothe you with the riches of my power on your innermost being. Speak over the unmoving mountain. Tell your soul to step into a new day of recovery and rest because the rivers of Zion is gushing out, drenching your entire existence

Isaiah 9:7a “Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end”

DECLARE: I am persuaded; Of the increase of Gods Dominion and peace in my life and all that concerns me there shall be no end.

This is my confidence and reality, and not on what I see on the contrary because I walk by faith and not by sight.


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When the I in me

encounter the you I seek,

it is no longer I that live,

but you that lives, in me

I, dead

You, alive

I have become a

Theatre, where heavens

Tales is recited

When the soul dies

To the mundane, he

domiciled between the

cherubs, feeding the

Heritage of immortals

He can not yearn for

The temporal bread again,

Because he has

escaped from the

economy of

Dust and decay.


From the womb of eternity, you arrived

I lament…

you have offered your hands and feet; a free sacrifice to the chains of the mundane

Unknown to you…

your emptiness is obvious, and your nakedness scream every day for adorning, but you are devoted to this whirlwind of lostness

From the effulgence of immortality…
your face finds expression in unparalleled pleasures of fulfilment

I mourn…

you have abandon your allegiance, now you bow to the dust, to the temporal, to the whirlwinds of a distorted blueprint,

drinking from the mortal puddle of dissatisfaction; blind to the Honeyed Ocean

Adoration of things

The devotion of egos. Government of lust. Loathing to the beloved. More graves everywhere. O’ more graves in thy festivals

May this soul crave...

like a virtuous merchant;
The perfected beauty,
shining forth from zion

Your darling misses you
Fountain of delight.

You who bathed the soul of Adam

When his only gaze was you,
O’ glories of Eden.


When I see your face

the candle inside me becomes a million

blooming stars and moonlights,

dancing on the

edges of my insecurities

Pure honey, sweet rivers, crystal fountain

Your face is pure honey, O’ radiant one

Your face is a sweet river O’ ancient one

a crystal fountain in the desert, you are

O’ the desire of the nations

When I see your face

All faces become liquid gold in my gaze

Because I see all men with your eyes

within my eyes

Illuminate the darkness within my eyes;

I will see all things in its

glorified fashion, in it’s sweetness,

in its tasteful essence

The world died twice. The world died twice

He refused to be baptised in your face, in your light,

But drowning in the world, because he loves the world

More than the light of your face;

The source of his breath.

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For us

You are the desire of ages

For me

Being rich is not my greatest desire

For you

Being in love is a desire come true

For them

Being together is a great treasure

2014 GOG|McDaniels Gyamfi


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Wide oceans our great divide
Fettered soul sing Madiba blues
Cascading effusion of emotions
Cold feet stuck in a cold day

Reminiscing thy warm chamber
Tears, tears; thy beloved yearns
Enchanted to be with you all day
O’ how I long to be with you

Allured to thy chamber of intimacy
Cold guilt nakedness thy presence
Laying on thy sacred blanket of love
Union of flesh with divinity

        A whisper
          A silence
             A kiss
               A virtue
                  A smile
                    A life

Divinity dissolving cold depravity
I’m Lost in the bliss of thy chivalry
Holding on to thy warmth hands
A virtue of inner warmth my reward

Copyright 2014 GOG| McDaniels Gyamfi