You defined me as not beautiful

The first day I cried and saw the light

That first day she saw this innocent face

She puts on me this dress I wore

I wonder when I will grow bigger, than this dress

Occasionally, I cut myself lose from this dress of antiquity

Only to be reminded by society; “the new you don’t fit”

Imagine how I have wanted to be like you, in your dress

From the corner of your eye; a despicable worm on the sidewalk

Your lips drip with the poison that killed my innocence

Like an old dog to its vomit, I sew myself back into this dress

Itchy, tight texture to my wounded skin, I wear it day and night

Allergic to life, infected with death, that delays and delays with hurt

Who will throw stones on this mirror they’ve invented in my head

Please, break me free from this repulsive world; end this ugly war

Standing at the edge of the bridge, reciting my pain; at the night watch

If she has a friend she could have sent a text message to tell why

Cold virgin feet, slipping fast to the grave;

Yet she has a little time to say a little prayer

A friend she never knew solicitously tapped her cold shoulder

The warmth of your touch; a bundle blanket on my cold soul

You breathes on me with contentment: You’ve woken me up to live

You’ve made my life so beautiful; there is nothing greater than this

Just as you are: You have clothed me with the beauty of thyself

On the sidewalk; she walks majestically with smiles on her face

Defying the odds of a vicious society, with a new self, a new song;

Yes Jesus loves me

Yes Jesus loves

Yes Jesus loves me

For the Bible tells me so

Copyright 2014|™GOG|McDaniels Gyamfi|

Photo Credit: Google Image




  1. Dear McD – I had to read this a few times to “get it” – and while I was “getting it” – it pinged memories of another. I don’t know if you know of him. Yet the “juice” you and he bring with just so few words (and a lot of my “getting it” time)? Wondrous.

    One new (?) connection from me to you with my thanks –

    Life as a dirty shirt


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