We sat in the dust

Just wondering how

Surrounded by darkness

A thick wall of resistance

Our persistence fades

Wells so dry;

Our children cry for wellness

We sat in the dark with empty stomach

Tears in our eyes;

Like lonely birds on broken branches,

Drenched in cold; after the hurricane

Just wondering why;

Our wings are so heavy for a routine flight

The candle in our hearts; snuffed out

The wicked gloats over us

Our belly bloat with regret

Blown away into the unknown

Disowned by the reality of our lost

We remembered our Kinsman Redeemer

Our hearts; filled with redemption theme

Our mouths; wet with redemption songs

He is near;

I know my redeemer lives

He is near;

Even now, there is hope

In-spite of hopeless gravity

We looked beyond our depravity,

Into His eyes;

Mercy said; No

Our hearts said; Yes

Prison doors burst open

Light shine in our darkness

Chains fell off from our wounded souls

For the price of my freedom;

You were wounded with my chains

Yes, you took the blame and changed the game

You are the hope I hope;


Bread of life

Savior friend

My Redeemer

Lilly of the valley

Rose of Sharon

Lamb of God

My Shepherd

Hope of Israel

    Light of the world


Ezra 10:2 ESV … “We have broken faith with our God and have married foreign women from the peoples of the land, but even now there is hope for Israel in spite of this.

Copyright 2014 ™GOG|McDaniels Gyamfi

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4 thoughts on “HOPE I HOPE

  1. Wow! This is absolutely beautiful. I LOVE this line, “Like lonely birds on broken branches”. That says so much in few words. I can relate to that image but find comfort in knowing my Branch, Jesus Christ, is my strength. Bless you for sharing these wise words with us!


    • “…but find comfort in knowing my branch” – That’s so beautiful. I thank the Lord that it blessed you. Thanks for taking the time to visit, read, and sharing your thoughts with such gracious comment. Peace and Love!!


  2. Yes definitely beautiful … thank you so much for sharing … I like the same line that Heather likes too plus this one “Our wings are so heavy for a routine flight” … reminds me of the terrible burden that we carry upon us until we let the beautiful Saviour lift that burden from us … He frees us so we are ready for flight, no matter the distance or circumstance. Once hopeless, now full of hope.


    • “He frees us so we are ready for flight, no matter the distance or circumstance” – Yes! no matter the distance. Because we are freed to soar with wings like eagle. Thanks, poetrycottage for your awesome comment. Shalom!!


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