rainbow of fire

These words says the Amen, the Beloved, the Faithful, and the true Friend, the beginning of creation dance… ___

Your fire has no magic when it flames doesn’t burn the cold inside ones heart. Your fire is hell when it burns down the hut of the weak beggar, turning his silver bowl into darker hues of madness.

You are the portal to the realities of heaven, a messenger of the lovers love; warming up the universe with tranquility.

You have said: “ I am Rainbow of fire, an existence of cosmic prophecy, friend of moonlight beauty, sharer of light essence and bliss— in all dark space of earthly reality I shine forth beauty.” __

O’ friend of the light, but you’ve nestled your beauty in your bosom like a bird obsessed with her young. What is beauty, what is love, what is magic, if it is concealed in one’s soul while the vast universe is denied of its share, it’s portion?

You are divine studio… the birthplace of grace and warmth, for those whose fire has been extinguished, and those who crave for more.

®️Writer: Ag. McDaniels

c: unknown artist

growth dimension

”Growth dimensions call for ”somethings” in our life to leave, consciously or unconsciously, giving room for ”something” brand new to manifest in that space of ascent. In the same vein, all forms of failure demand that certain things temporarily or permanently leave us, impacting on us negatively. Growth and failure are all realms of life, governed by laws. Each realm can be manipulated by spiritual laws of God or opposing forces of hell.”

I have seen the mighty falling from their rising, never to rise again from his fall. I have witnessed the beggarly and the broken warrior picking pieces of his soul from valleys of despair where he was scattered, and gradually nurtured his wings like a fallen angel, until he fueled himself with new strength and grace to kiss purple skies again.

1 Corinthians 13:11-12 (KJV) When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

WHEN I WAS A CHILD: As children, we thought and functioned as children because we were ruled by the natural laws that demands that we acted that way. We understood everything from the basis of our acquired knowledge. It would have been odd for a child to start talking about marriage and the stock exchange at age one. At one you start mumbling or learning to say; ”mama and daddy” and nothing much but just being a child. We were under the influence of the guiding laws of our guardians. The laws that governed the mind of our parents had so much influence on our upbringing. We were under the capacity of the light or darkness of our parents.

LEAVING THINGS: Things changed. When we became an adult, ”somethings” left us according to the law of growth. Not many of us remember what happened to your bibs, those tiny shoes, toys, and most of your childhood friends. They all left you in order to embrace the new — brand new big size shoes, new toys that move on the freeway, new mindsets, beliefs and values and principles that dictates the way you living right now. If you want to reverse any situation in your life one thing is important; growth. Naturally, things change for good when one begins to develop his way of thinking and how he sees life.

HIGHER SELF: Without growth in the field where God has planted you, you cannot move to your higher self. You cannot embrace the joys and greatness knocking on your doors. Good things are searching for you and I. We can only accommodate these virtues until we are in rhythm with the laws that governs them. Higher self and standards require new way of thinking. Imagine yourself being a bird. You’re jumping on a tree branch six feet from the ground, but the tree is 35ft high. Meaning, you can only enjoy the view and conditions of where you are operating in, and not beyond that dimension. Imagine another bird beckons on you to come up high, but something inside you says; ”i don’t think I can get up that high because am scared.” The analogy is this: Until we cultivate the habit to grow through our fears and excuses we can only operate within certain parameters of life. Everything in this 3D realm is governed by physical and spiritual laws. To reach the height of glory and do exploits for the Lord, nothing comes cheaply. One has to rise from when I was a child to the space of the laws and realms of adulthood.”

HE IS CALLING YOU: God is calling you and I to come up high. God is saying it’s time to graduate from the elemental stage of life, and walk in the capacities where you can discern and appropriate my glories. God is saying I want to assign to you dominion and influence but you still thinks and function life a child. Most people are praying for a supernatural breakthrough but the truth is they are still functioning from the capacities of a child.

Can you handle his glory? Can you handle the fame? Can you represent him well? We fantasize good life, fulfilment, great family, kingdom impact, more money and good health but we are not willing to delve deep into the methodologies of life or the ways of God through a constant search for wisdom, in order for the laws that rule and govern our lives to give way for the new. The new never comes until there’s a kind of hunger for more, for enlightenment, an understanding of how things work. Until we get uncomfortable and a kind of a holy annoyance from within, we will still be holding those kiddie toys and be thinking we can race it with other cars on the highway. That’s not how things work. You don’t fill an old wine bottle with new wine, nor patch old clothes with the new.

BUT I FEEL HOPELESS: Do you feel like nothing is working at your end? You failed, friends and colleagues left you, sadness and disappointment overwhelmed your soul. Maybe you’re in despair — you don’t see light at the end of the tunnel. It’s okay to feel all that. But there is gold news for you: ”all these negative realms of understanding or phase of life can be reversed.” Yes, it can be reversed by manipulating these lower laws which are dominating your mind today. There is a law saying you have no options but suicide. That’s a lie from the pit of hell. There’s a law which says there is hope for your future. Even a tree when it is cut of has the belief to rise again, by the scent of rain.

HOW DO I DO IT: You can reverse this gloomy situation by accepting that you have failed. The next thing is to tap into the law of mercy and grace. By grace and mercy, God invigorates hope into a hopeless situation without the effort of the victim. All it takes is sincere, childlike humility and faith to trust in the unchanging hands of God to guide your heart through the path of freedom, every step of the way.

A lot of things can be done depending on your situation. Every situation is different, and I don’t think I can prescribe solutions for every kind of heartaches. But I can sincerely tell you to shift your mind from the problem and focus on godly solutions. Solutions require an understanding of your situation and finding new ways to shine. Understanding requires a new pursuit for knowledge. God is the answer — so its important we pursue him in the deepest sense of His word when it’s blurry. What does His word say about my situation? Meditate on these downloaded truths until your soul and spirit become one with it’s revelation. Taryy at the secret place of his presence in passionate prayers. That’s how you grow in the dimension of strength. They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. But I don’t feel like doing that. When you don’t feel like praying that’s when you have to pray, in order to grow in the mantle of power to override and overturn the darkness. Somethings will fall off from your life unconsciously as you focus on this dimension of growth. Peace will arrive. Destiny helpers will arrive. Confusion will leave because it cannot abide where the law of peace rules. Naysayers and cynics can not handle your rise and resilience. Those who’s mind are set on the Lord shall have perfect peace.

YOU ARE IN CONTROL: Don’t let your precious life slip out of your hands, my friend. You have the power withing you to change every situation. You have your Father God and his word available to you to find the ancient landmarks of success. No one has ever had an outstanding life without conscious growth. If there is anything you have to pray for today, pray for understanding. Pray for wisdom. Pray for a deeper revelation of who God is, and who you are in Him. It takes a little bit of ignorance to sways a man out of his pilgrim paths. Stay in the truth constantly, you will surely reach home to your greater self.

There is so much God has prepared for you and I, which can not be forced upon us until we are ready in the capacity of maturity and growth. Friend, you’ll find new energy in God to rise again if you feel your hope has been fizzled into thin air. In the constant pace of growth — a process which requires some kind of investment, it may seem like it’s not worth it. That’s how satan works. He will distract you with negative voices. Though it takes time, my friend, just keep on keeping on, without wavering. You will soon sprout like a flower coming out of the dirt. It will be like a charm — suddenly, you will not remember the days of old but your arising.

I’m praying with you. Your best friend, McDaniels A. Gyamfi

1 Corinthians 13:11-12 (KJV) When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things..

this heart cries

i want to travel to
the unknown
with you.

i want to win
with you.
i want to cry
with you;

our souls
entwined with
the glow of a million
stars of the Ancient

i want to be buried
beside you; our souls
lounging in the corridors
of those who still speak,
though they are gone.


I’ve observed the genuine, honest pastor/leader and the fake Pastor/leader, and I’ve come to the conclusion that the genuine Pastor can learn so much from the fake pastor to improve on her genuineness

The fake pastor (especially the con artist) uses practical laws and principles which works perfectly well, if applied with consistency. It doesn’t matter whose hands these laws operates from. You will probably say; “what has light have to do with darkness? We are not talking about our common faith in God, but the natural laws of this universe. His motive is bad but the the laws are good and holy. In Luke 16 Jesus talks about money… giving us a parable about a man who exhibited an unfaithful character as a steward. 

UNJUST STEWARD – The master commended the unjust steward for his SHREWDNESS. His special and dynamic ability to connect himself with the leanders of his master. He has master brain. The will to act swiftly to avert a situation. He knows he couldn’t work. He was ashamed to dig. So he canceled some of the debts to attain favor with the debtors. He was focused on future. He knows he had sown a seed they will surely pay back in the near future. His skill set was commended, not his mischievous and unfaithful behavior. 

So much is required from all genuine pastors and leaders by God. Much is giving, so much is required. The gossip and the bashing will not make Christ attractive. Developing new mindset is the key to packing well your gospel to the masses caught in a web of darkness.

Luke 16:8 8“The master commended the dishonest manager because he had acted shrewdly. For the people of this world are more shrewd in dealing with their own kind than are the people of the light

SHREWDLY – A shrewd person is savvy, intelligent, wise, and a creative thinker. They know what they have to do at every time. An outside of the box kind of a leader. Sadly, most genuine pastors are limited within a certain space of operation. The skill set to break out of the old mode is lacking. Most genuine pastors are caught in the web of tradition, having no relevance for the culture they live in. All genuine Pastor will surely go to heaven, but if you ignore the universal laws of life, and certain principles of God, your life can be stag in the same place. You can become a liability to the kingdom. 


1. THE LAW OF SELF PROJECTION – Most fake Pastors are endowed with the skill of projecting self ( some form of aura) into the consciousness of the masses. You’ll easily believe them to something they are not. So they give themselves certain names and accolades.

They are not afraid to build huge billboards, and advertise on radio, telling people what they can offer. The genuine pastor has this mindset; “Promotion comes from the Lord” “Except the Lord build the city” “He will build his church and the gates of hell cannot prevail.” They all sound beautiful and religious. But the truth is humans are always looking for someone/something to believe in. Though he’s genuine no one knows what he can offer. He doesn’t have a certain appeal that connects well with his generation. 

The secret is this; people still want to know if you have the answer. So we can agree with Peter; “what I have i give unto you.” There’s absolutely nothing wrong to showcase or parcels what you have, and present it to the world, from the persuasion of Christ. Most believers have no confidence in the genuine Pastor. Though he’s genuine, he doesn’t have what it takes to appeals to the mind and heart of men;  drawing them to the feet of Christ. Remember, genuine pastors can’t hide their light under a bushel, relying only on prayer for the community to be drawn to God is doing. The community has to be reached whatever means possible. 

2. THE LAW OF MONEY – Money is a medium of exchange. To hoard and boast about it is foolishness. Most fake pastors love good things. They have material wealth. But they usually start from the bottom. They have this belief: “As much as I invest in my art, I will attract the masses.” He buys professional, sophisticated gadgets that gives his brand a certain aura, to push himself into the consciousness of the masses, via TV, Radio, live streaming online, and quality sound or the product they are selling out. etc.

One of the things most genuine pastors should  learn from fake pastors is to not be afraid of money, investing richly and wisely in what you’ve been called to do. Talk to the other great and honest pastors within your city or community who are doing well. Ask them how they doing it. Men look on the outward. So people wonder why you keep preaching against fake pastors, but there is nothing about your ministry that’s worth giving their attention to. 

MONEY ATTRACTS– Money will always attract money. Or good things attract their kind. They (fake leaders) have good sound quality in their sanctuary, they literally help the poor and the needy. Walk into their office, and it is like you’re in the Oval Office. These are all done to impress, and  cover up their mischiefs. As true servant of God, I believe you should not got stag into traditions and the archaic, and just be open minded, and go for quality at all times. Quality doesn’t mean expensive.

Sometimes, due to the transparency of the genuine pastor, in regards to church funds, he’s easily sabotaged by religious leaders. On the other hand the fake pastor always surround themselves with sycophants, or operates with scare tactics, so that no one can stop them; digging into church coffers. ( if you learn this you’ll die sooner or later) Educate your leaders on the importance of your call and their place in your mission. They shouldn’t be opposers of anything good.

3. THE LAW OF BOLDNESS – The fake pastor is not afraid to try new things, by telling his followers God has spoken to him. Even if it backfires they always have answers for their followers. Fake pastors are very daring. They test high waters. Fake pastors make what’s not real to look real. 

 As a matter of fact they are not afraid of rumors mongery, and scandals. Fear is the limitation of the genuine pastor. He’s always waiting for God’s time. What if I do it and people start to talk? Confidence is something that moves people. An uneducated fake pastor can control a Harvard business graduate in his church, because of his self confidence. Observe any fake pastor, you will see this trait. Scandals upon scandals, and yet they keep coming like a horse. 

BE BOLD AND WISE – God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and sound mind. Imagine if the genuine pastor has the boldness to pray for the sick, and speak the mind of God prophetically, without being obsessed about mistakes and what have you. The limitation of the genuine pastor is her lack of courage. Be bold be courageous; the words of the Lord to Joshua. (Read Joshua 1:1-9)

Dear, fake man of God, 

 All your works can bring you earthly profit, but your end will not be good. So don’t ignore the gentle warnings of the spirit. I know you feel empty in all the places of your being but you feel ashame to surrender. Let it go. Surrender to Christ… He cares about your soul and your future.

Dear genuine man of God,

You cannot attract what you attack. All prophets and healers are not fake. Though some are, that doesn’t give you the audacity to condemn all. Teach what is right. Be open minded about this world. Use your gifts and talents without fear. Ask God to help you to increase financially, so that you can defend the faith handed to you in all platforms of communication. Don’t be afraid. Don’t limit yourself as you watch the evil man grow tall like a palm tree. Rise. Illuminate the darkness

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“Christianity is a showing forth of Christ, and not a show off of self. We actually have nothing good in of ourselves to show forth or show off, apart from Christ Jesus. Man is made in God’s image; a living icon of His Creator. He reflects on the character of God.”

We display the character of God through our earthly vessels as royal priesthood, a dedicated nation, God’s own purchased. Our lights are meant to shine before men, that they may SEE our GOOD WORKS for the purpose of Gods glory in all of our activities, on this side of life.

Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God  (1 Cor 10:31)

We are painting an image of a living God; who is personal, loving and excellent in His nature. We become excellent creation in all spheres of life, as we harmonize our heart with our true identity in God, through faith. I like how Oswin Crafton echoes this truth; “An aesthetic beauty of nature everywhere, is due to its constant harmony with the principles of God. A heart in harmony with God, reflects the desirable beauty in its moral behavior and character, everywhere”

Reflect on your identity in Christ, as you boldly confess these profound truths!! You will see your life transformed from low self-esteem to Christ esteem; from an abysmal performance to over the top performer, in all you do on this side of life. (whether you toss pizza in a small restaurant or manage Fortune 500 company)

  • I am a living icon of an excellent living Creator
  • I am called to show forth His excellence
  • I display His best on the pedestal, for all to see
  • I exceed expectation in all my activities
  • Inferiority is out of my reach
  • Quality is my trademark
  • Whatever I do, I do it heartily
  • I am a servant of excellence
  • My excellence rewards automatically
  • Money is not my master but rather a servant to me
  • I have a fair chance in life just like every other human
  • My excellent heart distinguished me from others
  • I make mistakes just like everyone does
  • My excellent spirit overshadows my mistakes
  • Quality is my trademark
  • A city on a hill is who I am
  • The light of the world is who I am
  • I let my light shine intentionally
  • I break traditions and step outside the lines
  • I abound in excellent speech
  • I abound in knowledge
  • I abound in wisdom
  • I abound in faith
  • I abound in zeal
  • I abound in love
  • I abound in giving
  • I am a living icon of an excellent God
  • A superior representation of His image
 Then this Daniel distinguished himself above the governors and satraps, because an excellent spirit was in him; and the king gave thought to setting him over the whole realm. (Daniel 6:3)

– McDaniels Gyamfi


RIP: Komla Dumor| 1972-2014 |Ghana Ambassador of Hope| BBC Anchor|Focus on Africa
RIP: Komla Dumor| 1972-2014 |Ghana Ambassador of Hope| BBC Anchor|Focus on Africa

Journey on, journey on

Saddle your mind on eternity

Sail with the winds of grace on your back

Mountain high; you will leap over

Valleys low; you shall overcome

Ocean deep; you will cross over

 At the masters embrace,

When it is all said and done

He will say; well done, well done!!

You have been faithful to the call


Greater than the former, the later glory

Unceasing bliss of life in His presence

Adinkra Symbol, Ghana: God's Presence and Protection
Adinkra Symbol, Ghana: God’s Presence and Protection

™GOG2014|McDaniels Gyamfi