rainbow of fire

These words says the Amen, the Beloved, the Faithful, and the true Friend, the beginning of creation dance… ___

Your fire has no magic when it flames doesn’t burn the cold inside ones heart. Your fire is hell when it burns down the hut of the weak beggar, turning his silver bowl into darker hues of madness.

You are the portal to the realities of heaven, a messenger of the lovers love; warming up the universe with tranquility.

You have said: “ I am Rainbow of fire, an existence of cosmic prophecy, friend of moonlight beauty, sharer of light essence and bliss— in all dark space of earthly reality I shine forth beauty.” __

O’ friend of the light, but you’ve nestled your beauty in your bosom like a bird obsessed with her young. What is beauty, what is love, what is magic, if it is concealed in one’s soul while the vast universe is denied of its share, it’s portion?

You are divine studio… the birthplace of grace and warmth, for those whose fire has been extinguished, and those who crave for more.

®️Writer: Ag. McDaniels

c: unknown artist

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