One of the brightest and greatest of all heart postures, is a heart locked into intimacy; seeking the Lord. Our world is full of degradations, and it is so so easy in our days, for the strongest among us to veer off completely from this pilgrim path, chasing after vanity.

“And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;”
‭‭Romans‬ ‭1:28‬ ‭KJV‬‬

In order for us to overcome the lures of this world, that seeks for a permanent home in our hearts and to colonize our souls into destruction, we should be earnest and deliberate in retaining the knowledge of God in our hearts. The purpose of pursuing a personal God is to capture realities that shapes us into His image, conquering the world through the ever flowing presence of His essence in our hearts

This is not the season to depend on yesterday’s experiences. Our occupation is to stay in the presence of the Lord continually, until everything in this world loses its appetite in our hearts. Our flesh is a rebellion vessel, so if we wait until we catch feelings for God, before we journey into Him, then we give Satan enough room to fill our hearts with alternatives. Alternatives that never satisfies. Alternatives that imprisons the sacredness of our hearts. God is drawing us into His economy to unveil the riches of His Christ, that supply all our needs

The world, on the clock, is knocking on our doors with its lustful accessories. And, where Christ is not at the center, ungodliness prevails. We are not capable on our own to be godly — IT IS THE SPIRIT THAT HELPS IN OUR INFIRMITIES. We are a baggage of serious infirmities and it is only the proud who will to assume the posture of dependency on the Christ

Sin is rampant, but if our hearts posture is right, we will never become drowned into the high tide of the worlds lust, but rather burning like a lamp in the dark

It is very unfortunate, that most in the body of Christ today, have not cultivated the habit of having a posture of intimacy with the Lord. We have come to love the world, and our scope of Christ is dwindling by day. Our wells are dry and our characters are not a good reflection of our Savior. We are asking the Lord, that by grace, He will touch us; His church, again, restoring our commitment to Him, in the midst of the insurmountable good distractions and evil temptations of the world. Our light has come. We will obediently rise, into the beckoning of our Savior, and open our spirits; welcoming Him into every part and parcel of our lives. Come Oh Lord. Renew our hearts, restore righteousness into our heart and souls, and fill us constantly with the passions of heaven, to seek and treasure You, above the rest.

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