True amazing things happens from unusual places, so often than we can ever imagined. Flowers grow at the base of oceans, angels sings to an audience of mere men, at the backdrop of obscurity and denial

Light shines from within the valleys, the world comes to our wealth, from the apex of her riches and pomp, drinking from the cup in the hands of the custodians of light, in surrender

True amazing things will happen again, even as the world loses its appetite for truth, Because a remnant is unleashed into the streets; such men who have never bowed to the Baal of our day

Oh, how beautiful are the feet of them who did not sold their soul to mammon appeals, but preserved their substance in the furnace of purity. True amazing things are happening here, today:

“Just as Isaiah saw it coming and prophesied: If the Lord God had not left us a remnant, we would have been destroyed like Sodom and left desolate like Gomorrah!”
‭‭Romans‬ ‭9:29‬ ‭TPT‬‬

The world has found a brand new home, a desire and appetite for His bread again, for truth again.

Truth is sold freely, everywhere, by this irresistible remnants; a company of His love, scattered in terrains that was thought to be unplowed and deserted

True amazing things are us, sold to the idea of hope and possibilities, in the midst of their blues; the worlds uproar

Into A Season Of Becoming | 2022   

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