“Man is a collector, and his collections are the idols that enslaves him”

“Then he said, “Beware! Guard against every kind of greed. Life is not measured by how much you own. Luke 12:15 NLT

O’ God, Detach me, I pray thee, from the corruption of this world

Reengineer my mind from its bent. my path is clumsy. My eyes are blurred.

Come to my garden, come into my heart, and help me to differentiate wheats from the tares. Come, Lord come!

My flesh is dissatisfied. O’ prisoner of shadows, blinded from the reality. My flesh is dissatisfied. My flesh is a fickle, a vapor in thin air. Come to my rescue, O’ creations satisfier

I want to waste for you. I want to burn for you. I want to waste for you

Now, I’m wasting away by what do not satisfy, what enslaves my emotions and the emotions of my comrades. Will you come to my night blues and sing songs of freedom to break this cold chain

The earth is Yours, and everything in it art also thine. The world and all its people belong to You, so

Have me, drowned at the center of your will, your dominion —

I yield

Jesus Nōw | New Creation Diaries | I AM YOURS, LORD JESUS

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