Oh, that this carnal appetites of the soul

will lose its inferno

burning inside this fragile temples of a lower man,

who is

sufficient and whole;

partaking from the insufficiency of thy presence.

Dying, dying, dying!

May I die from the appeals of the mundane

becoming worthy of you, O’ Lord

My heart is numb towards thy kingdom and it’s righteousness, but my soul is alive to what you loathe

O’ life-giving spirit, the warmth of the Father, the purifying furnace of God

Quickened my spirit like a young deer panting for heavenly waters in the wild, to quench my soul of it’s thirst

Dying, dying, dying!

To the impulses of the flesh, the mundane

Finding a seat in your presence;

Captured by the effulgence of your glory

– 📸: unknown artist

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