Soul Theāter

Dear soul, be kind to yourself, just as the flower leaps to the beckoning songs of sunlight, in good and in bad.

Dear soul, don’t be afraid of the evil winds that bend the head of the world into cold valleys of despair, because there is a light in you that shines, even brighter, at the edge of hallucinations and turmoil.

Dear soul, come out from the shadows of disbelief. Stand boldly on sacred grounds of ancient convictions and you will break free from this chain of impossibility

Dear soul, there is a place where your essence resonates with the divine in you. It is not in the mundane. It is not in men. It is not in things. It is hidden in the whispers from the secret place, the presence of the Father

Dear soul, when sin crouches at your door and you open it willfully and dance with it, he will leave you broken and wounded.

Dear soul, you are not the first and you’ll not be the last to feel the weight of sins blow. There is a city in loves country, where the broken find healing and forgiveness to silent the old accusers voice

Dear soul, you are beautiful just like the hand that took you from the fire. You are incredibly awesome and furnished with every nugget of ethereal beauty

Dear soul, march toward. March Foward. March forward O’ soul. You are empowered with the speed of eagle and the agility of a bison to run Foward.

Dear soul, if society tells you to succumb to its bipolar ideals before you’re embraced, don’t t fall down on your knees and worship Babylon. You don’t need any man’s approval to bloom in this universal garden. Just be. Just be yourself

Dear soul, you owe the universe of your light and love. To hold light within your soul while darkness rules and reign everywhere has made you a clanging cymbal

Dear soul, I love you. Yes, I love you. The soul reading this letter, I send you my love. Let this love put a smile on your face and sunshine over your heart.

Dear soul, let’s say a prayer for the world. O’ life-giving spirit of the Father, heal our world of the darkness that continually blinds our eyes from seeing you in others.


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