At The Dawn Of Friendships

At the dawn of friendship and more

i was an insane man at will, dwelling in caves

At the dawn of friendship and more I was a Joseph

In a cistern, without the coat of many colours

But many woes and more.

The Beloved knocked

on my doors.

”Love has no boundaries. Friendships are born not only in good times but in darker hues of days too.”

But Who runs to the cottage of misfits for a bowl of friendship on this side of town, sir?

”When love leads everywhere is home, and everyone is a friend, a brother, a sister and a song to sing out loud”

Soul soars like an eagle at once, into realms of soft joys; slapped by loves fragrances

He will be at your door today. He will be at your doors today, O’ pieces of rugs and reproach, he’s near

Please, don’t shut your door against him because the neighbour rehearsed his disgust in thy ears, that no one will come, that no one cares

”At the dawn of Friendships, I broke my own door, wiped my disbelief and welcomed the fragrant one.”

Come inside,

I have waited forever

Come inside,

We are forever,

O’ Gardener of the souls garden

Your love is unparalleled.

– graceCUT | May 7, 2020

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