Cosmic Nòise

You’ve silent our drums
Now I think of myself less
Pierced by love I took off

O’ God, the day I found
you I divorce myself of
its many idols, and I
have emerged from
the cosmic noise

I offer my aroma of
salutation at the gates of
a silent universe, to thee

You’ve silent our drums | ”Under the circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic everything we have depended on and pay allegiance to. Those things which were our little gods, that distracted us all these years are all on its knees. The noise within us is silent and each one focuses on what matters.

Now I think of myself less | We find ourselves at the centre of a cosmic pause. Stripped of the assurances of men, the administration, and this narcissistic me, it’s easy for me to search for a being who is higher and greater than myself. Most of us have come to the end of self; focusing on God. We have come to know that are we are beautifully connected to each other through an invisible thread. Social distancing and the partial lockdown has taught me I can’t be an island

Pierced by love I took off | In our desperate search for what matters, we found God in the midst of the chaos. His profound love dazed me, and when I got up in the presence of his love, like the woman at the well, I left all my idols and took off with him. I found me in the worst of times

I have emerged from the cosmic noise | This realm is full of distractive noises and beliefs. And somehow many of us have built our souls on illusions. We are empty and broken but we are used to this wide path that leads to perdition. A dark path where countless souls are blindly treading on every day. In my chaos, I discovered the truth and emerged from the curse of the noise; clothed with peace

I offer my aroma of salutation | There is no aroma as precious like a heart of gratitude. This is a faith gesture. All may not be perfect and well in the world today, but there are few things in our lives that should set our hearts on fire with faith to face tomorrow. I am grateful to God for family, friends, food, shelter, peace of mind which come from the grace to freely reflect on everything happening in the world in the light of Gods word. New perspectives are birthed from the twilight.

Written by Ag McDaniels | graceCUT

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