The Neglected Purpose | Pt.1

Your God is a rewarder. He does not reward idleness. He rewards faithfulness and diligence.

“For the Kingdom of Heaven is like a man who was the master of a household, who went out early in the morning to hire labourers for his vineyard. When he had agreed with the labourers for a denarius a day, he sent them into his vineyard.”Matthew 20:1-2 WEBBE

There is a very powerful dimension in God’s civilization which impart grace abilities and newness of life upon ordinary men and women in order to partner with the divine nature and the executive decision of heaven, so they can fulfil impeccable assignments that extend the dominion of God here on earth.

Since the colonization of the earth by God, ordinary men have been outsourcing grace upon grace as partners of his goodness to secure his perfect will and establish his lordship on every facet of life.

This supernatural system of God’s dominion through earthly agencies, for some reason, has been one of the most neglected dimensions untapped by most believers; the church of Jesus Christ. The born again agents and conduits of his Kingdom has become self-centred agents, numb to his beckonings.

A dimension which promises great rewards for faithful service, both now and in the eternal reign of Christ. There is an army on earth who exult so much in their arsenals and regalias, as representatives of the royal army of heaven, but when called to duty they shy away with plenty of excuses.

They are an army but they lack the desire to march from the valleys to the hills and set their banner on top of it. They hate the rigorous process of investing their time and energies for the good of the nation, and the one who appointed them. Unashamed, they measure themselves as high rankings of God; above all in what matters. Yet, they have forgotten the reason they were appointed

Are you conscious of this truth, that every individual believer in the Kingdom of God is chosen by the divine counsel of heaven for a special assignment by God, and our obedience to this spiritual mandate opens us up to a superabundance of blessings, on this side of eternity?

No one who calls on the name of the Lord is called for calling sake. You were chosen for a divine program. An assignment which is wired into your abilities, talents, resources, spiritual gifts, and the many opportunities God has surrounded you in.

Unfortunately, many of us as Christians are operating at the surface revelation of how the kingdom of God works. Satan has been able to distract us from what matters to God, as we burn every day in what matters to us. We only chase our countless carnal desires, pushing the divine agenda on the side.

As if to say; that’s not my responsibility. We have zero burdens for anything which is Kingdom related. May God have mercy upon us and revive us our hearts towards the mystery of his will as we explore this kingdom dimension.

Note: We will explore the depths of the Vineyard on our ensuing post, here on graceCUT. Thanks for taking the time to journey with me on the heartbeat of God.

– Ag. Mcdaniels | graceCUT | #TheNeglectedPurpose

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