The Secret of David: TOUGH TIMES

“I love you, Lord, my strength.” Psalms 18:1 WEBBE

It is a common theme among men in desperate times to see most people walk on a path of self-centeredness, and selfish fulfilling pursuits. It is almost like a normal thing for the heart to drift away from God, trying to find explanations and answers for our pressing needs at all cost, devoid of the spirit activities in our hearts.

Unfortunately, this is a pathway that leads to destruction. When God is lost in the midst of the chaos, and our hearts are in a lockdown mode, far away from an organic experience with God then we are heading into the final slaughtering of God.

David understood the importance of Giving God what is due him. What is due Him? What is due him is our heart of service to him. What is due him is giving him our best. Our best is first our hearts, then our self. Do you love the Lord? Does everything around you express that you love him and you’re willing to go through the fire without giving up? Or you are distracted by the dictates of life because your religious routines and regiments of life have been impacted by the current situation?

David had a powerful secret in his walk with God. A system of operation we can tap into today if we want to see the ultimate victories of God in life. Friend, we shouldn’t focus so much on our deliverance or how you’ll get out of the dark seasons. Rather we should always let our heart be consumed with the deepest love for the Lord. So many people, from the depths of their lives will be chasing after God’s good works and miracles but not the reality of his personhood. They want bread not relationship. But you have to stay in love and partner with him as a child of his love through thick and thin. That’s the secret to breakthrough. Don’t go for the breakthrough. Go for relationship and the breakthrough will be automatic

What is the essence of that? You and I are aware of the weakness in our nature as humans. In desperate times we are quick to pursue strength, power and might from the Lord to weather through the storms of life, nonetheless, we ignore hearty-organic relationships with him. We search for the bread of his doing not the bread of life. The essence of a heart of love is the power that provokes God to supernaturally intervenes in our lives in ways we cannot imagine. Sadly, we become empty chasing after ”things” instead of Him.

Here is a promise of God for lovers of God. We see that in the life of David. God came down because his heart was after Gid. We can place a demand for it today as long as we functioning in this dimension of heart love:

“Because he LOVES ME,” says the LORD, “I will RESCUE him; I will PROTECT him, for he acknowledges my name. [Psalm 91:14]

Say to yourself today in all sincerity:

“I’ll not lose my heart of love for the Lord. I will not be distracted by the many problems that surround me. Because I love the Lord and stay in the secret place of his presence; meditating on the truth of his word, and partnering with his kingdom plan, by the dictates of the Holy Spirit; He will rescue my life from all forms of evil and protect myself and my family, so no evil shall overwhelm us. The shalom peace of God is my portion in the day of evil because I love the Lord. And because of his great love towards me, all my needs are his priority, in Jesus name”

Further studies: “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Mathew 6:33

I’ll lay down my idols. Everything else which has taken preeminence in my heart. Set the flame of revival in my heart, dear Lord. I want you more than silver and gold, and all earthly affairs. You’re all I need, Jesus.

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