I send yøu lovè

I send you peace. I pray hope your way. Light shine in dark upside-down worlds of our souls, to see life and embrace the courage to face each day.

I am an earth child full of fears. Dear Lord, please hold me in the arms of love. Your perfect love cast away fears and doubts. Thou art a refuge to those who look to you for answers. Be thou our anchor through this demonized whirlwind of fears

My soul arises in faith. My heart vocalizes a new song of hope. For my God has become a hedge and a shield over all that concerns me, preserving me from the fiery arrows of the armies of death in this vehicle of life

Dear world, Keep your confidence alive. Hold firmly to the beloved. Stay safe; following necessary procedures. Declutter your world from the misinformation and scare of the media. Some seek their own evil agenda. Some thrive when the nations are in an uproar.

Dear human, You shall overcome. All the odds of life stacked against you left and right. I said you shall overcome. You shall overcome all the odds of life stacked against you left and right. Amen!

Ag. Mcdaniels | Metanoia | C: unknown artist

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