Salvation seed got my soul

Watered and nurtured in love

Shooting sky-high oak tree

Firmly deep in the Saviors grace

©2014™GOG|McDaniels Gyamfi

6 thoughts on “GROW IN GRACE

  1. McDaniel. I read everyone of your post and they inspire me and strengthen me and for that I am grateful. You not only teach but you also teach others to teach and spread the good news about Jesus and his loving Grace.

    I met a woman with a lovely, humble, and contrite heart. This woman’s mother lived a rough life and she made many mistakes and told her daughter that she would save a room in hell for her, meaning the daughter, because she has made some poor choices as well.

    But when the grand daughter was born, the grandmother insisted that she be baptized right away. I am explaining to this friend why her mom is not saving a place in hell for her but sits in a shinning glorious mansion in heaven. The grandmother believed in the saving grace of Jesus so much she insisted that the grand daughter be baptized, but she herself did not think she was worthy of His Grace. This is how I explained it to my friend. Satan was cast out of Heaven because he thought he was equal to God and this woman believed she was not even worthy to be in His presents, much less worthy of his forgiveness. The grandmother believed but thought she was not worth it to be saved. Very sad, but isn’t that who Jesus came for? Those that don’t think they are worthy of His Grace.

    So anyway, I think I am getting through to her. She says we met for a reason and I told her, ” yes we did, because God is running after you and loves you and calling you and I am his messenger”

    Anyway, because of your writing and other Grace messengers that I read, I am trying to tell her that she is loved and to not believe all the lies that she has been told over the years that have turned your heart away from Jesus that lead you to believe that you are not worthy of His love. I think and hope I am getting through to her.

    I used the example of the tax collector in the Temple that rent his shirt and would not even look up to heaven and said ” I am a sinner, please forgive me Lord” vs the Pharasise that said ” I do everything right, thank you Lord that I am not like one of these sinners” And Jesus said ‘ of the two, who was justified before God”

    Love your post. You are reaching many more than respond.


    • It’s a blessing to know that you have been inspired by the good news about Christ. Thanks for shining light on the gospel to the blind and the poor in heart. I appreciate your graceful comment. Shalom to you and yours


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