Villagers carry water in plastic containers on their heads as they walk through dry land in Maros regency, in Indonesia's South Sulawesi province

I need a bird in my empty cage

Sing lullaby till thy baby rest

Cage my thoughts in your love songs

Who doesn’t love the birds of love labor

Without price you sung your labor songs

Unschooled in thy conscious servitude

You washed my brain with life themes

Ear to hear, eyes to see you freely gave

A pigeon in a tropical jungle;

afraid of the hunter

You will share your wings with me;

 when I needed it

The thoughts of you gives me the wings to fly

My angel surpass ten thousands of angels

Mama; you are (were) my angel

She didn’t have much; she had a soul

A soul so large and bigger than life

Your smiles covered our pains;

I have learned to smile through the storms of life

We were called poor by the rich in our community

Richly we lived our lives, content with the little

Had thou not taught us how to live large with little

I would had been a fool comparing myself with others

Her African skin was tattooed with scars of sacrifice

The sacrifice of your life a harvest we reap and share

Soft in her flight like a butterfly; beautiful to behold

Unbending water;

Through the rocks, never surrendered to opposition

Like a candle in our night; you were snuffed out

Your face still glows in my path through the night dreams

I didn’t have to understand everything you said and did

Now that I am a man;

I am living in my aha moments

Many women are treading on the same path like yours

They’re singing their love labor songs with empty stomach

They are fighting for the future of their children without navigation

If I have the opportunity to meet them all; will worship their braveness

Thank you Mama for your servitude of love

Thank you woman for your relentless passion

Copyright 2014|™GOG|McDaniels Gyamfi

[Dedicated to my deceased mom: Naomi Adwoa Nikra and the relentless woman]  

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