Gravity of Grace Note: This song is full of God’s abundant life to infuse hope, healing and recovery in any dead areas of your life today. Our society is full of men and women filled with insecurity, fear, insignificance, emotional wounds, hurt and a sense of hopelessness for the future. Thank God for the exalted name of Christ Jesus that give us meaning and purpose to be able to lift our heads in the midst of the storm and celebrate recovery.

Fill your heart with the liquid presence of the name Jesus as you watch and listen to the faith filled words of the song by the minstrel Darlene Zchech and see God thrash our every emotional pain whatever form or shape out of your life completely. Amen!!



  1. Reblogged this on GRAVITY OF GRACE and commented:

    This is still blessing me…The essence of life is JESUS. The western underlying thought of abundant life is having mansions in every other sate and owning a fleet of cars. There is nothing wrong with having abundance in life. The only issue is our obsession to materialism and relegation of the quality of life which only Christ gives to the artic. Jesus is our life. Got life?


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