apple1One of the greatest challenges of the Church of Jesus Christ is our inability to fathom “what is already done” through Christ Jesus. Due to this ignorance we approach God always with wrong attitude, which is full of man centered activity in the theater of a holy pursuit. I can give you hundreds of scriptures to prove this point but for the sake of space let me draw your attention to something we all believe and share as Christians.

Your Bible records that; …“by his wounds you have been healed.” 1 Peter 2:24. Watch this; you have been healed in the English language is something that took place in the past. If you have already been healed according to scripture through the work of Christ on the cross, what should be your attitude in approaching God? Should it be “working hard or paying some special price for your healing” or “embracing your healing through faith?

Faith operates by trusting God for what He has already done and not to untie His hand to do anything new. The death of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary is a historical fact and when He said it is finished; transaction for your healing, wholeness and victory was sealed eternally. Did not the Bible say you are more than a conqueror? What should be your attitude when you are in a spiritual warfare? Do we need physical weapons to prove to Satan we are going to win? No, No, No, we don’t try to win. We win already 2,000 years ago in Christ. I believe 99% of your prayer life should be an attitude of thanksgiving in appropriating what is already done. This is so profound and that is how I live my life daily as a Christian

Matthew 6:5 MSG “And when you come before God, don’t turn that into a theatrical production either. All these people making a regular show out of their prayers, hoping for stardom! Do you think God sits in a box seat?

I love reading the message Bible. It’s like therapy session for me. The grammatical construction, humor and the poetic undertone he conveys the original message without missing a beat. I remember growing up as a young Christian, we could pray with all kinds of props in a theater of chanting and responding. One will cry in tongues something like; “matu mata” and others will respond “breketee, brakatus” in a high-octane of sweat drops all over the place. (If you were not sweating then you were considered lukewarm) Those days to be honest with you was very fun but was crazy at the same time.

I remember I and couple of my friends gathered together in an Assemblies of God church Kumasi – Ghana, praying with all kinds of arsenals in our hands. I had in my hands a pick axe while others have shovels and machete – all in the name of violent take it by force. mccarthy_-_navajo_ponies_for_comanche_warriors

We were trying to kill the devil. (That’s crazy, huh?) I was uprooting and throwing down things in the spirit and all of a sudden the axe head flew into the air in the direction of one of the guys who was seriously cutting spiritual stuff so to speak with a machete in his hand. In a flash, I knew this is going to release holy blood in the holy of holies of prayer. I was so scared in my bones!

Mine oh mine, like the matrix; my friend was bending in a prayer move and the axe head… whewww! flew over his head destroying the church’s property. (They found out later the destruction and stopped us from using their facility) Had it not been by grace, my friend wouldn’t be alive today or completely deformed by our stupidity. We often operate from work mode mentality of “try harder” “Push Hard” in anticipation to impress Him with our showmanship prayer abilities. Before you pour out our petitions before your Maker, He already knows our needs and there is no need to impress Him but to be authentic in your communion with Him and pour your hearts before Him as Sons and daughters in faith and not our self efforts of cutting your body with razor and bleeds with how you were able to perform good in His presence.

I hope you don’t have these types of theatrics in your Church, full of emotions and religious cliché to pull God from heaven to act speedily on our behalf. God has already done everything and when we go to Him, it’s an anticipation to love Him and let Him reign in our affairs by His mercies and grace.

Grace to you in your prayer journey as you absorb the fullness of joy in His presence and soar with wings like eagle beyond you’re your wildest dreams.

DRUM ROLL: Please write and share your own prayer experience, of how you have been transformed in the dynamism of your fellowship with God. Thanks you!

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