I woke up this morning full of life and hope for tomorrow. I ask that God will fill you with life and peace till your cup runs over. Can I hear an Amen!

One thing kept echoing in the very depth of my spirit this whole experience. I kept pondering on this phrase “God will not reveal anything to you unless He’s getting you involved”. I knew right in my heart that God was up to something in His activity towards me and the world around me, like people just like you.

I keep wondering the rate people leave their local church on the basis of petty issues. (He said, she said, they said, and all kinds of flimsy excuses) This rate is very alarming among the so called spirit filled brothers and sisters. (Charismatic Churches) To be very honest with you, many of us have cheapened “That saith the Lord”. We have no sense of reverence and value towards the things God have told us in connection with our families, churches, friends and our own destiny.

We are a society of people that values its own ideologies and principles in life than the weight of God’s word, which carries the DNA of our destiny.

Did you remember when you went to your Pastor after an encounter with the supernatural in your dream concerning the strategic purpose of God for you in connection with your Man of God? With teary eyes and palpitated heart you told him how the two of you were in the Atlantic Ocean in this small canoe fishing and harvesting all manner of fishes until the canoe could not contain them. Suddenly, you saw a gargantuan fishing vessel transported from the clouds of glory and a voice said “Don’t be ashamed in your little beginning, for I will fulfill what I have promised” Hmmm!

Armed with this revelation, you birthed out hope into the heart of a struggling Pastor and then again your affirmation of God telling you to stand with him (Pastor) and the vision until it comes to reality locks you up with the eternal purposes of God not men. Every scope of your dream pictures the stage of your church but the future looks colorful and huge, yet price has to be paid by everyone on this canoe (The Church)

Wait a minute! God told you to be involved in a vision you are suppose to be 100% connected?

This is the sad reality of most of our so called spirit filled brothers and sisters in the charismatic circles. You may ask what is sad about this Pastor McDaniels? Friend, it didn’t just end as God has intended.

What happened, Pastor? Four months later, this same descendant of the Holy Spirit became offended and embittered when iron began to rob on iron in the house of God. Out of frustration and immaturity, this beloved frustrated saint said “God is giving me a new direction.” The rest they say is history. Hmmm, a new direction? We should learn as Christian to grow over our frustrations and petty issues we see in our local churches.

God is not a bi-polar God who keep changing His mind every minute of the day to suit our frustration.

Remember, God will not reveal anything to you without getting you involved in His plans. All of our connectedness might not be the same but you must always remember exactly what God has spoken to you and survive through the storms whiles you trust Him to uphold you with His grace.

Don’t give up the fight! Thou the vision may tarry and rough road full of pot holes, bumps, curves, etc are ahead of you everywhere you call my local church. It only takes resilience to to get to our destination

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