see. faces of men, dancing in pale shadows of sadness. Faces of men, in quiet cemeteries; buried in worn out emptiness and poverty. beautiful cities of men, losing its glories, through decades of silence. we sadly waits for the birth of a savior, to rescue us all, from the wreckage of yesterday. Oh, tell me … Continue reading SAVIORS AND HEROES


Hope awaits thy weary soul O' lonely bird on migration Wayfarer, pilgrim soldier; Kiss the King Romance the Son Red love passions Intimate freedom Your breeze of fellowship Copyright 2015 \\ McDaniels Gyamfi



Pious faces everywhere Calm hearts everywhere Lighted hands up yonder to worship Holy lips to sing angels songs Hugs and holy kisses are free This place smells like heaven Yes! This place is heaven on earth Stain glass proof windows tightly closed Boxed in our own world no one sees Fragrance proof doors to keep … Continue reading THIS PLACE!!


 “Instead of your trouble, God has crowned you with double honor; you have no business with your naysayers to let the sound of their voice stop you on your tracks... It’s not over; get up and run with the winds of His grace on your back” On your mark, set, GO... The children of Ephraim, … Continue reading NO MORE SHAME BUT HIS GLORY

Let God Lead

So you think God needs your help? Huh!! It's not more of Him and less of us It's ALL of Him, NONE of us That sound crazy!! Right? God does not help those who help themselves God help the helpless - McDaniels Gyamfi


"The escape route to wholeness is in the discovery of the divine nature of God. The Church doesn’t need the corrupted ideas of a corrupt world, to function right. It is totally absurd to go back to the ungodly systems of the unregenerate world order, where we've delivered from, for directions and purpose" "The most safest place … Continue reading AMERICA, RUNS ON GOD


The deepest needs of our hearts can only be met by God. No man made gadget can fill the vacuum in our hearts, than God can or will. If you keep trying to meet your deepest needs through your own efforts, you will burn out into despair. My good friend, this is not the way … Continue reading 21ST CENTURY PRACTICAL ATHEISM


How much better to get wisdom than gold, to choose understanding rather than silver! Proverbs 16:16 (NIV) I think what fascinates me about wisdom is that it is non-discriminatory. You can have a Phd and lack wisdom, but you can be illiterate and be wise. The pauper can obtain it, but the wealthy can’t buy … Continue reading WISDOM ACCELERATION