THE SEARCH (POETICAL ECHOES) - Depravity hold the mind of the mortal in darkness. Like Christopher Columbus, we set a path for out feet; Looking, asking, and searching for the truth that will set us free. At long last, her dusty, sinful feet has found a home; to bathe the mind. Wash me thoroughly, make … Continue reading IS GOD WILLING FOR GOOD?


The deepest needs of our hearts can only be met by God. No man made gadget can fill the vacuum in our hearts, than God can or will. If you keep trying to meet your deepest needs through your own efforts, you will burn out into despair. My good friend, this is not the way … Continue reading 21ST CENTURY PRACTICAL ATHEISM


How much better to get wisdom than gold, to choose understanding rather than silver! Proverbs 16:16 (NIV) I think what fascinates me about wisdom is that it is non-discriminatory. You can have a Phd and lack wisdom, but you can be illiterate and be wise. The pauper can obtain it, but the wealthy can’t buy … Continue reading WISDOM ACCELERATION

Humility is not…

Humility is not how badly you look down on yourself and esteem others but how good you look on yourself from the mirror of Christ to be able to look on others with acceptance and respect. To be humble is to come to the end of self and be totally dependent on God. We consider … Continue reading Humility is not…


I hear a YES in the atmosphere! Yes to your health Yes to your breakthrough Yes to your freedom Yes to the next level of destiny Yes, yes, yes, yes, to your joy and peace Yes to the seed in the womb Yes to the wealth creation Yes to righteousness and Holiness His promises are … Continue reading I HEAR A YES

Thinking of you calms my …

Thinking of you calms my heart and hearing your voice drops like a honey comb on my tongue. You are all I want and all I need, Never will I trade you for anything on this earth my Jesus

Thinking of You, Jesus