They told me to be me and i asked; “How can i be me when I don't have a mirror?”

Darling, I show you an ancient mirror at the height of your search for what is real and liberating

Self-love, when it is centred solely on a wild geese obsession with self leads to the imprisonment of the self.

Love towards self should flow from our purest sense of gratitude towards God; the way and manner we are shaped into these beautiful masterpieces

The central piece of this change is not I but the Mystery. When the Beloved, the eternal Mirror, became the measure and standard of my beauty I saw the same beauty in others,

And realized I’m not any more, at anywhere in any time vulnerable or entangled to the capitalist status quo of self-appraisal

I have become a firebird, reflecting the beauties of the rainbow. How can the moon worship himself when he’s only a reflection of the sun?

I sing not, to myself. I only make the rainbow dance with my songs, as I joyfully hop from the limbs of the cedar of Lebanon.

You told me to be myself. Now I know, this adoring self is not mine but an effulgence of the Christ self in my fragile self

I am a bird in changing colours, a Joseph of the coat of many shades of the divine


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The imago dei

She is so beautiful

Gorgeously blessed

Through and through


She lost it all;

A decade ago

When beauty took a new form

A direction;

The wrong direction



She joined the rat race

Unending universal marathon


Tell her!

The crushed petal of the flower;

You are beautiful

Just as you are


Tell her;

Come out from them

Stand tall

Live happily


The goddess of significance

She is weary and worn-out

Bruised and battered on both feet

She didn’t know she got  what

She has been chasing for a decade


You are;




Dearly loved and accepted

Into an abiding beauty of God

©2014 ™GOG| McDaniels Gyamfi

 Don’t be concerned about the outward beauty that depends on jewelry, or beautiful clothes, or hair arrangement.  Be beautiful inside, in your hearts, with the lasting charm of a gentle and quiet spirit that is so precious to God. 1 Peter 3:3-4  (TLB)



I must confess without apology

If poetry is an emotional distraction

I have been distracted by its seduction

Warm floating moisture of the bathroom

The leafless lonely tree under the weather

Emanates life and colorful images of wisdom

Arresting my soul; the unforced rhythm of grace

Mesmerizing my emotions through musical landscapes

Diverse cultures and worlds unknown; breathtaking!!

I must confess, you have such a beauty I never saw yesterday

Honestly, I want to hug you and whisper beauty into your ears

Leaving behind a portrait of your authentic self, on thy walls

Ocean apart, blindest not

The color of our skin don’t divide

Thou art a perfect mirror of beauty

I am a reflection of your perfection

Copyright 2014 GOG| McDaniels Gyamfi