Anthology of Love.

If you love what you can not see then you have faith in your eyes. But if you despise what you can see with that same eye then you are blind, and your faith is not ”faith” but the carnal religion of men. I entreat you to buy eye salve from God, Son, Spirit. Walk with him— He’ll apply it on your eyes, illuminating your darkness. Do you not know we have passed on from seeing with our naked eye? This eye can be deceptive. Oh, how it loves to see everything in all men flowing in the same direction and stream of our own myopic opinion, rather than the truth of love. Our opinion are twisted sometimes.

That brother with plenty of faults: He is still a brother, a child, a son of the father of lights, though he wear rugs on his skin. The rug of sin. If you say you love a God you cannot see but hate your brother then you do not have love. Hard truth right? I pulled it from the scripture my friend. Love covers over multitudes of sin. Love came down and made a residence in the heart of men. Those who believed.

Not perfect men. But ordinary men who believes in Elohim and his finished work through the son of his delight on Calvary hills.That man has been translated from darkness into his life. He is not perfect. And he will never gonna be one tomorrow. He lives by the perfection of a just man who lives within him.

His imperfections does not disqualify him from grace and mercy. That combo that saved him can make him stand when he falls. Wether he stands or falls he is wrapped in the perfect garment of love and compassion. He is the image of God. He’s born of the spirit. He is an epitome of God. Not completely God in the flesh. His flesh is nothing. It is his spirit. The spirit of the creator in him has metamorphosed him — from a servant to a king. To hate him is to hate yourself. To despise him is to despise the one who also resides in you.

Henceforth, know no man according to the flesh. Not even yourself. Sin is not a byproduct of the nature of God. It is a a consequence of the unrenewed places of the mind. Be transformed. By the word of his spirit. Don’t be conformed to the matrix of the world. The culture scape.They make you carnal. Though you’ve become new creation but you still bear the fruit of sinfulness, because of your unwillingness to surrender to love, to God. God is love. Love is ability. Love is power in motion. He has no fear of the tremors of the economy or the plagues that flies by noonday. He knows that the lover cares, even to the very details of his life, to protect and heal. That’s why he can confidently say; love did not give me a spirit of fear, but of his love and soundness of mind.” In complex times I do not cave in into fear but rise up like Phoenix, from the ashes.

Who has fears? The one who has not delve deeply into the boundless oceans of his love. It is deeper than we can imagine. So we need the eye salve from love presence to able to see the depths, breadth, length and the widths of the great expanse called agape. Without love our hands will kill God. We will choke everything God with our own hands until he bleeds to death, without representation.

— AG. McDaniels

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