Inner Conversations / Puritan Capsules

You want to know what the most beautiful life looks like? I asked. Yes, please. How does it look like? I giggled, and she looked with beautiful expectation, to hear what I will say

Darling, life has been described by the best in this world and the generations past, and I don’t think I have the caliber of such men to give you a perfect picture of what most beautiful life looks like. I can only share with you what I think life is not because of the scars I wear

No, please, Just give me your personal thoughts and that will be enough for me. You remind me of the disciples of our Saviour, i soliloquies. Did they not inquire from Him about the Father with this same curiosity?

Life is most beautiful when it is yielded to the Lord, and He is the only application expressing His will in that vessel

Such a life is beautiful because is has died in the soils of sacrifice, to the selfish ambitions and all the appeals of this corrupt age. Such life has become a conduit pipe for the fountains of the ancient river of heaven to pass through, touching the driest places of the universe. Such life has died and rose again in the newness of the divine essence

Such life is not beautiful because it fits into the standards of men. This kind of life is usually rare in this age of assorted choices and opinions. The Son of God, our Lord Jesus, was a perfect model of this kind of beauty. He was God in every sense of description and nature but He considered it not robbery to clothe himself as God but He emptied himself of such, clothing himself as a man, a servant, running the errands of the Father on this side of eternity. He offered himself to the purpose of above. He yielded himself to the ambitions of His Father in heaven, for the purpose of man’s redemption.

He [Jesus] died before death to achieve the death of the cross for the redemption of men from sin and death. O’ what a perfect sacrifice of beauty. A life distinguished from the ordinary

Beauty is sacrificial… the sacrifice of the seed falling into the ground in order to multiply itself into hundred fold harvest. Unless we fall dead with those ambitions that only resonate in time we cannot clothe ourselves with the beauties of eternity in our hearts.

Sacrifice allow us to wear heaven in our spirits. Clothed with heaven may not be appealing to many because of the death which is attached to it, but the ones who wears it perceives it’s magnificence, as they walk in those narrow paths of their consecration

Are you beautiful? I will not be beautiful until I am completely dead to the mundane. I have ask the Lord to conquer me. I have died in some places but I pursue more deaths in my flesh. I want to die completely and His grace has cut a great chunk of me

Death is denial. Death is a solitary path. Death feels like rejection but until that inward separation is achieved the outer man doesn’t know obedience, and the demands of God means nothing to him. This is why one has to be conquered by the fullness of heavens ambitions. We never stop calling on Him…

Conquer me. Conquer the places in me which is superior to your will because I want to be worthy before you

How will He conquer you? He writes His will into our hearts like the engraving hands holding a silverware of a winning team. His tools burn within your soul as he engraves His will. The fine print on your heart becomes your daily pursuit.

The more you die to the flesh the more He kill you with life. He never stop asking for more until all is possessed by Him

His beckoning is tender but the force of it is like the sound of many waters to all those who have ears to hear. His force is not to force you like a slave but gently woo you into ancient ordinations. Whosoever will yield is beautiful and their life is unparalleled. Paul yielded when he heard this voice. He has this to say…

“For though I preach the gospel I have nothing to glory of: For NECESSITY IS LAID UPON ME”; yea, woe is unto me, if I preach not the gospel” 1 Corinthians 9:16)

Such a life is a dead life and it’s beautiful because it has fallen into the superior economy of God and the stories of God is being written day by day in their lives as a living epistle.

Our stories are beautiful in our own eyes. Our stories are indeed beautiful. Yes, it’s beautiful but a mere flower under a spotlight. Flower that fades away, grass that withers. Ours is a vapor that evaporates into thin air. His life, finding expression in us is eternal. Our highest goals only meets our carnal purposes, and regardless of how loftier it is, it doesn’t echoes into eternity. It’s cycle ends at death. Some even die before they die the natural death; consumed with disappearing shadows

Eternal is beautiful. Eternal infused into these temporal vessels is a contention of wills. The flesh must die in order for the eternal to wave freely in us like a colorful flag on a hilltop. Such life is beautiful and rare

Conquer me. Lord, conquer this vessel. I want to wave like a flag planted on the mountains of your holy city

I want to die. Help me to die! Darling, I am happy you also want to be numbered among those who had lived lives that were set apart for the Lord. You remember Esther… “if I perish I perish.” Also of Ruth… “Your people shall be my people and your God will be my God.” These all died to their will at the crossroads of choices, becoming beautiful in the end

Can we pray? Dear, Father, your daughter wants to live for you. Grant her the grace in the name of your son Jesus Christ to capture that which she was captured for in your eternal plans. Burn in her heart, precious Holy Spirit and fill her with desires loftier than the cravings of this world, until all desires are considered as dung, compared to the excellencies of Christ. In the name of Jesus, have your way in her vessel. Amen!

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