There is nothing in this life as awesome to me than the beautiful display of the eternal realities showcased in the life of the patriarchs. These were true witnesses of the divine economy. By the promptings of faith ordinary men journeyed from weakness into the presence of God, summoning the vibrations of His heart, enforcing it upon the earth. Such excellencies of God is scattered throughout the old Testament scriptures, to teach and edify us in our personal journeys with God


Day 3

“By an act of faith, Jacob on his deathbed blessed each of Joseph’s sons in turn, blessing them with God’s blessing, not his own—as he bowed worshipfully upon his staff.” Hebrews 11:21 MSG

These Patriarchs were true custodians of divine counsels and such deep relationship they had with God was seen in countless times and situations as they yield themselves for the manifesting of God, even on their dying bed. Jacob is one of the patriarchs who really fascinates me. He caught my attention on the way he executed the purpose of God through his vessel at the dying stage of his life

This account is fully recorded in Genesis 48. [You can take the time to peruse it if you want to capture the whole scope] When Jacob was nearing his death, his condition wasn’t good at that old age. Joseph got information that his father was not in good shape so he took his two sons Manasseh and Ephraim to visit the father. At his death bed, when Jacob heard that Joseph was coming to him he strengthen himself and sat upon his bed in waiting.

The most fascinating thing to me concerning Jacob, who later became Israel, is not how he wrestled with the angel of God, who broke his joint and shaped him into a tender, broken, and yielded man for the full expressions of the ordinations of God upon his life. It was how he summoned strength at his dying bed to bless the sons of Joseph. I want us to look into it and learn few things about practicing believing. How do you strengthen yourself at the edge of death and sat up in complete readiness to execute the heart of God? How do you infuse yourself into God when all you have around you is death? How do you opened up to the streamings of God with all the limitations of life? Scripture records;

And one told Jacob and said, Behold, thy son Joseph is coming to thee. And Israel strengthened himself, and sat upon the bed.” Genesis 48:2 DARBY

Today let’s explore this dimension of faith that quickens us from our inward world, shifting things from the external world. How on earth did Jacob strengthen himself and sat up to do business for the Lord when so many young bodies are coiled into weakness and despair, without an ounce of life, to continue the duties of God? In spite of all the myriads of scientific energy boosters stocked up in stores and motivational messages, weakness is displayed on every front. What is going on with this generation? The problem with today’s Christianity is because we are built on an erroneous orientation which hinges on self improvement methods instead of Christ. We are foreign to the ways of God and knowledgeable of our weaknesses. We have stopped believing in the God who never faints, even in the body of Christ. We consume weakness and in the end what we have is a beggarly, weak church. She has so much information through technology but she’s dying from within. It looks as if God is dead and the only thing we can do is to surround ourselves with myriads of religious rituals, hoping that life will get better. Unfortunately there is no life in rituals. Jesus is the missing life!

We learnt from the book of Hebrews that Jacob summoned strength at the dying stage of his life, “leaning upon the top of his staff”. We also know from the account of Genesis that he was at the edge of death when Joseph came to him in GOSHEN. What we didn’t know was how he was able to summon that strength. The mystery of his life is candidly revealed by the Holy Spirit, catalogued among the cloud of witnesses in Hebrew 11

“By faith Jacob, when he was a dying, blessed both the sons of Joseph; and worshipped, leaning upon the top of his staff.” Hebrews 11:21 KJVAAE

The writer of Hebrews takes us much deeper into the source of his strength and the utterance that came out of him to bless his grandsons. We thought it was just a custom to bless so he probably rehearse few words and whispered it upon them as we sometime do in our religious prayers. “He leaned upon the top of his staff.” That image mirrors the frailty of Jacob and without doubt the spiritual enterprise of the Patriarch Jacob was not something a weakling man can produce on his own. There must be something more greater than Jacob finding expression in him to joyfully worship the Lord, and project into the future and establish the will of God upon Manasseh and Ephraim. At a dying bed the atmosphere is mostly filled with worry, sadness, anxiety, uncertainties and tears, but this particular atmosphere was a perfect imagery of heaven on earth. By what technology in the spirit he was able to unleash these realities of God? Two things he did in this posture of strength. First, he blessed both the sons of Joseph and secondly, he worshipped the Lord.


From the KJV, Hebrews says that, “By Faith Jacob…” Two words preceded his name and his actions. It says; By Faith, then Jacob follows. After Jacob we are invited into the drama. No doubt, the whole scenario is influenced by what is called faith. So we can say that, Jacob Prompted from within by the sufficient technology of divine convictions, dealings and stirrings that could only come from God, he yielded his frail body to the dealings which unleashed a surge of strength into his body and propelled him to rise and speak as an oracle of God. Oh, glory to Jesus, that by his gift of faith weak men became witnesses of heaven, on earth

Is this faith limited to Jacob and the cloud of witnesses in Hebrew 11? We are called to live by faith. The just shall live by faith. Faith then is not a thing you engineer by human effort. Faith is not a doctrine we assent in our minds to. Faith is the substantiating presence of God in our hearts to wrought victory for God. So the troubled heart can outsource faith, conviction, persuasion from an unseen realm to overcome the onslaught of the enemy through trials and test. The confused soul can yield his faculties to Him and believe God for a higher wisdom to navigate through the labyrinths of life. Nothing is impossible with faith. We got to yield to the movement of Christ in your born again spirit

“Now faith is the substantiating of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. For in the power of this the elders have obtained testimony.” Hebrews 11:1-2 DARBY


God exists, and whatever God is to you, by revelation you contact that reality or existence. This is your personal encounter through believing, irrespective of the mountains of circumstances that surrounds you. Jacob summoned strength, not from that little strength that was left in his dying body. Even with his faintly eyesight he couldn’t be wrong in the placement of his hands upon the sons of Joseph, to bless. Our spiritual intelligence, as new created men by the order of the Spirit, when it is yielded completely to God is unparalleled. Don’t look down at yourself by communicating the whispers of your senses. Look deeper within the life of Christ inside you. Just a little whisper. All you will need is to humble lean on the movement of God by the Spirit and a little believing in your heart will cause greater manifestation from God through you.

Today, lift your eyes to the Lord and say; “i Believe and receive.” Wether it is healing, strength, peace, grace, power, guidance, growth, etc. Fix your eyes on the facts of the cross. Your covenant of grace with Jesus and all the great and previous promises of God concerning you. Lord, i believe that you’re the life alive in me, therefore I am quickened by your life to know you intimately and to rise in your power, for your glory. Hallelujah!

Day 3 | Practicing Believing | 
By Faith Jacob | 2021

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