30 Days Of Practicing Believing

In Christ Jesus…

We have access to the beautiful facts of the finished work of the cross wrought for our complete victory which is established under a new and a better covenant of grace and great and precious promises of our Father scattered all over in the holy scriptures. The place of the believer is to exercise himself in faith alignment with this winning life in Christ Jesus to enforce it into reality. So Many believers are defeated and damaged from the inside out and the only thing they can present is a life shrouded in rituals. I am setting forth this simple but profound journey through scriptures from the perspective of the accomplished facts of the cross and great promises which are bestow on us to help many of us to travel through the path of victory through faith. Join me each day in this 30 days of to treasure the Lord in our hearts. You will know who God is for you, your identity and your place in the finished work of Christ.

“The steadfastness of this earthly life I live is Christ. He has become the all-sufficient life of salvation, wisdom, knowledge and spiritual glory in me”


“The Lord is exalted, for he dwells on high; he will fill Zion with justice and righteousness, and he will be the stability of your times, abundance of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge; the fear of the Lord is Zion’s treasure.” (Isaiah 33:5-6 ESV)


God, the hope of Zion, You are supremely esteemed in power, ruling over the affairs of my life with passion. I am so thankful to you, that You are loyally in control over the (mention areas of necessity) as the all sufficient Lord; dispensing grace without measure upon my life (my family, my city, this nation and leaders, my community, my health, my relationships, my church etc) according to your covenant of mercy

I brims over with all that is just and right. All weaknesses swallowed into you. My fears are gone. My hope is renewed. I am anchored. The Spirit of life which is in Christ Jesus has domiciled in me, keeping my days stable and secure from every turbulence which is being enforced by the prince of this evil age and his minions.

Christ Jesus, You are my salvation, My wisdom, and my knowledge in the Holy Spirit. Because your life is infused into mine I shine forth like the sun in its strength. The darkest days are behind me. My feet is anchored in divine wisdom which have found true expression through all my faculties in the Holy Ghost. I bear fruit, I wither not in anxiety because you’re stabilizing me in power

“I conquer all, because I am conquered in His life”

Jesus, Zion’s treasure, my souls reverence — Remind me continually to yield my life completely to your charge and to wholeheartedly embrace the ever-increasing, the ever-living, and the overflowing wealth of your salvation, wisdom, knowledge and power which you wrought for me in Your finished work so that I will not respond to this life by the will of the flesh, leading to death

I reckon today, that the life that wins, which flows from Christ Jesus is very active in me — Guiding me, shaping me, quickening me, chastising me, transforming me, delivering me, healing me, nourishing me, restoring me, making me wiser and peaceful, sanctifying me, anointing me, prospering and favoring me, reminding me of HIS presence even in the most complex times of life.

“and of Him ye — ye are in Christ Jesus, who became to us from God wisdom, righteousness also, and sanctification, and redemption, that, according as it hath been written, ‘He who is glorying — in the Lord let him glory.’” (1 Corinthians 1:30-31 YLT98)

“I conquer the battles of the mind today because my spirit is renewed day by day in victory”

GraceCut | 30 Days Of Practicing Believing | DayOne | 2021

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