The Day Egypt Met God In Man

”God came to the land of Egypt in the days of the captivity of His people, clothed in the body of a man called Moses.”

“Exodus 7:1 AMPC THE Lord said to Moses, Behold, I make you as God to Pharaoh [to declare My will and purpose to him]; and Aaron your brother shall be your prophet.”

Some statements in the Bible seem so foreign to many believers in the body of Christ. ”Behold, I make you as God to Pharoah.” ”And Aaron your brother shall be your prophet.”

This is kinda ridiculous because God is the ruler and judge of all spirits, so to place a mere man in such a majestic position is so good to be true. Men are appointed to be prophets in the place of God and not as prophets of men rather.

But here, he says to Moses, Aaron your brother shall be your prophet. Meaning, every word from me through you, he shall be the intermediary between you and Pharoah. Isn’t it intriguing to hear of weak men powered by God to become God in a material world?

There are a powerful revelation and insights I believe your spirit will apprehend today. God is saying to you; ”I can make you whatever I want you to become in order to fulfil my will on earth.”

Tired of the normalcy | The new normalcy in the kingdom colony is the manifestation of the supernatural. Aren’t you tired of the boring life of doing things the normal way like the unbelieving world, without power, joy, and spirit? Imagine you walked into a place and when people observe you, all they could capture is the radiance of God smeared upon your life, and every part of your being is drowned into His glory. To the extent that all your deficiencies and failures once conspicuous is buried or submerged by His glory.

Don’t you want to see people encounter the supernatural through you? Aren’t you fed up with the ”norm of doing things devoid of His life?” We can’t blossom in our walk against the evils of life lacking the very presence of God, which is able to empower us to achieve great and awesome victories in our lives for the glory of the Lord?

Emergence of Light Bearers | Pray to God today, and tell Him that you want to become the expression of the brightness of His nature in all of His glory in this life. Tell Him you’re tired of walking with your head buried in your hands, clothed with all forms of weaknesses like a mere man. Tell him from the depth of your heart that you want to be a part of the end-time spiritual army; shining forth his light in the darkest of places.

In the very place Moses was rejected. In the same palace they sought to kill him God took him back as a new man, full of life and grace. When he encountered the glory of God he was no more the Moses of old but God. He stood before Pharoah, the greatest empire in the world at the time and the whole foundation of Egypt crumbled before him. It takes one man to change the world for Christ. Could it be you?

With all of Egypt’s glory and power: Pharoah with his trusted security networks and the spiritual arsenal of his enchanters, sorcerers, necromancers, supported by the gods of the land you wouldn’t have expected Moses to thrive in such a hostile place. Amazingly he was not a mere candidate for Pharoah. God came to Egypt clothed in the body of a man called Moses.

What’s your story? | Whatever your life story is today, just like Moses, it can be altered by a sincere experience of the authentic presence of God. I said, authentic presence. I do not mean religious goosebumps that only trigger temporal emotional responses, without heavenly burdens and transformation of the heart. We have no excuses today as believers of Christ. If God could make Moses as God before Pharoah then today He is making you and I God over every mountain that stands before us, as He draws us into our truest identity in Christ.

The Miracles and Wonders | The unusual miracles that happened through the hands of Moses and Aaron were not drawn from the fountain of their own skillset or ability. God was expressing Himself through human vessels. This is how we rise as believers; ”we pursue the presence of God in order to showcase His power and ability that makes the impossible possible.” It is never by our might nor by the power of men do we achieve anything meaningful in the Kingdom without the supply of the ever-increasing graces of God. It’s true!

Don’t be ignorant of this... ”You are a new creation, created in the likeness of God. Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world, but you can’t manifest the God in you until you press on in prayer and renovate the carnal weakened mind by the power of the word of God.” Without it you could brag about being God in Christ and still be groping in the dark.

Let us rise from the beggarly dispositions of carnality and shine forth like Gods in every territory and in every endeavour the Lord God has entrusted into our hands as faithful stewards, on this side of the Kingdom.

“Psalms 82:5-6 KJV They know not, neither will they understand; they walk on in darkness: all the foundations of the earth are out of course. I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.”


I am God. I am an agency of God. The radiance of God is changing who I am in the flesh. The mantles of prayer, holiness and the fear of the Lord is released upon my soul today. Wherever I Go and whatever I Do I operate from the conviction of my immortal identity in God through Christ. I have been made God by His Spirit to dominate the world for Christ, but not to be dominated by the powers of darkness in Jesus name.


And love to you.

Go up high, my friend.

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