Harbingers Lullabies

Personally, Mothers days are one of those special occasions I spiritually connect with single mothers, and all the women who don’t have kids they could call their own. To some women mothers day is a day of misery because it reminds them of their battles with a series of miscarriages, death, and disappointments in pregnancy. This poem is my heartfelt prayer and encouragement to you, who is battling in any of these areas. You are not alone. I honour and celebrate you from the depths of my heart. ➕💚

The voice of the moon:

a constant reminder to you

that you’ve not been left

alone, to stumble in the dark

Give her soft wings to Fly

Give her sunshine to Bloom

The weight of not having to carry

a child she will call her own

who would serenades her heart with

mama’s lullabies

depletes her soul every day,

especially today.

Give her soft wings to fly

Give her sunshine to bloom

She’d believed in a lie

That she’s not fruitful, that she’s not a mother

No one ever told her she’s the mother of the universe,

and the voice of the moon is a constant reminder,

that she’s not left alone in the dark, to stumble.

O’ moonchild, weary flower:

The universe is your Son, and

the moon is the messenger

of thy glad tidings.

You are not alone.

O’ mother of many nations

Photo Credit: Jenifer Yoswa

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