You are my soul-friend

I will marry your light,

and your darkness too.

accept your own being.

Do the sacred love dance;

Tango of heart, and the

Souls. of million dancers

Listen, from within,

From without;

Greatness proposal.

An invitation to

Enjoy the freedom to

Coexist with God,

And the beauty of


Nothing is as

Beautiful as

living within the

Surge of natures

essence, and

Souls eruption,

in the Light of

embracing your

own beingness

And the

Beingness of



storm-tossed groper

Storm-tossed groper,

Lean on this eyes, and

I’ll lead you through this



Desert flowers will bloom,

In the loving bosom of

Oceans and sunsets

When you bring

Your darkness into

The light you become

Luminous angel


So, come home

Come home and

Lean on this love

fervor, O’ loveless

vine, withered passions

The wine bottles are

Empty when you are

Self depriving

Of the nurture,

Of the love effulgence

Of the freedom to be free