The Son of God, walked through the sapphire gates of heaven and entered a depraved earth, through the dark alleys of Sin, armed with true perfection and wholeness, to reveal who God is to the fallen man.

In His earthly life as the son of man, He was a mirror that reflected who God is and who He was in Him as a deity. (See John 1: 18, Hebrews 1:3) Godliness therefore is an expression of divinity through earthen vessels. Jesus did not wake up trying to overcome sin or being somehow careful that He will not sin against His God. That will not be a life of Godliness but a life of fear which is a byproduct of self dependent.

Most believers live daily focusing on how they will not sin against God, instead being God conscious, for His life to manifest in activationthem through faith. The Christian life is not a life of trying; Just as Jesus never tried to become what He already was. Righteousness is an imputed life of Christ on an individual, through grace so he or she can express the quality life of Jesus, effortlessly, on this side of eternity. To be sin conscious instead of Christ conscious renders the body Christ impotent.

Without Christ we can do nothing. Everything God is, is exhibited by Gods children through the Holy Spirit in a very profound way. To be spooky and antisocial doesn’t make you godly, because godliness is more than that. Remember, all of us cannot become ushers, singers and pastors in the house of God. How do you therefore express God if u are not one of the aforementioned person?. Godliness goes beyond what we do in the house of God! To say it in another way…being in the house of God and going through the motions is has nothing to do with godliness. But i know being at church helps you to grow in the knowledge of Christ to reveal Him to the world. Spooky activities that ends in the Church has nothing to do with godliness.

If a believer plays soccer or football, he must demonstrate God on the field of play. How will he do that? Someone may say if u don’t hurt anybody on the field of play, then you are being godly. That can be true but why do we always define godliness as abstinence from wrong doing, rather than doing the right thing. I believe if you play soccer, you can trust God to express His creative ability, pace, flair and wisdom to make nano second decisions to outwit your opponents to make your team shine. You call that godliness?

For who makes you different from anyone else? What do you have that you did not receive? And if you did receive it, why do you boast as though you did not? (1 Corinthians 4:7)

Scripture says, what do you have that you did not received! Everything we have received from God in the form of talent or a spiritual gift is meant to be expressed in beauty, to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. Stop limiting God from sheer abstinence from sin and focus on how great He is, looking for vessels to express Himself, so the world can be plastered with the beauty of God.

I will give you a new heart and put a new Spirit in you….Will put my spirit in you and MOVE you to follow my decree (Ezekiel 36:26-27)

Christianity (Godliness) is the direct and the exclusive consequence of God’s activity in man. It is not exhibition of beautyhuman ability or your capacity to imitate God, but God behaving Himself in you to reproduce Himself through you. (Major Ian..paraphrased) (See John 15:1-6) Sadly to say, most believers struggle daily, living the christian life, because they depend on their will power to make it through. God knows we cannot live a victorious life without the enabling power of the Spirit. You have become a conduit of the invisible qualities of God in your born again Spirit. Through rest in the grace of your position in Christ, you bear the fruit of God, through the Spirit activity in you. It has nothing to do with trying! (See Hebrews 10:38) Is a matter of faith. Faith in the spirit of Christ, working in you for the quality life in all avenues of life (See Phil 2:13)
If you feel weak or down today, it is not the spirit in you which is down (sometimes we say things like; “my spirit is down”). It is your mind which is under attack. Meditating and pondering on who you are in Christ will align your thoughts with mind of Christ and a new surge will quicken your life.

In Charismatic and Pentecostal circles, we are bent on praying for hours and hours, sweating under the anointing (so to speak) trying to activate the flow of the spirit, so we can walk and do greater works, like Jesus. Many have prayed and fasted for years yet they are redundant in the things of God. Prayer is good, fasting is fantastic, but they don’t add up any value to the potency of the Spirit power in us. Whenever we pray, we are not rekindling or refining the spirit to work, but rather we are activating our consciousness to the ever working spirit in us. God is not dead neither is He lazy. He is ever active. If the scriptures points 20140727-054745.jpgclearly that the spirit that raise Jesus lives in us, you wouldn’t expect that Spirit to be dull. For that Spirit is God himself in us. (See Romans 8:11-14)

Be conscious today, that the Father has been working till this very moment, and He is still fresh and alive in you, to take you to new heights in your Christian life. Don’t use any human means to access the things of God. Its a waste of time. Our religion is Christ, not self power.

… “My Father is always working until now, and I Myself am working” John 5:17

It is my prayer that we shall all plug into what God has done through Jesus and be delivered from the religious traditions of self sitting on the throne of our heart, in trying to manipulate the Spirit of Grace. May grace abound towards you mightily and in excess, that you always lacking in nothing in your walk with God. God is “too much” yet He is capable of expressing Himself in us. Christ in us…

 – McDaniels Gyamfi | Revealing Jesus Revival

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