What does God see when He look at me?

For one to profess to be a Christian then he or she has experienced the new birth through Christ Jesus. Christianity and liberty are like swimming in a pool and feeling completely wet. For one to be in a swimming pool and not experience wetness is out of the ordinary and insane. Walking in the power of liberty is the normal Christian life. Sadly to say, there are a host of Christians who are still swimming in the ocean of Christianity, yet  have not learned to experience the freedom of God’s boundless waters of grace. They are dry in sin, religion, legalism,condemnation, shame, depression, weakness, sin consciousness and defeat in all circles of life. They have wrong opinion about God and see terror when they look God in the eye. They love God genuinely but they are not sure if God loves them enough to freely prosper them regardless of their level of performance!

I have personally listened to many preachers, preach with such conviction and passion, echoing their anger through the aisles of the church sanctuary, Sunday after Sunday, of how disappointing God is about His Church. Sometimes they go on to say that; “He is even surprised about the actions of His people”. These services always ends with searching of your heart for sins, (sins of omission and commission) mourning and weeping before the altar, pleading with God to be content with His children one more time. Most people will go through this prayer bath and still unsure if God is satisfied about their life. Their belief system is wrong, so no amount of prayer can change the way they see themselves through the eyes of God. How my heart bleeds with pain, seeing freed people enslaved in the doctrine of men, which has no power for life. God is ‘shockprised’ and disappointed?

When God look at you what does He see my friend? You may have started so well in your Christian pilgrim but along the line you abused your wife, left home, joined the wrong crowd, turned your back against the church, committed adultery, and you are now living in secrecy? What if I had the red flag waving on my blue skies confirming to the writing on the walls of my heart not to move from town A to town B but I pushed myself through in disobedience to the voice of God, and moved to a new town or city and opened up a booming company, which is now skidding through the ice?

Beloved, Is God looking at a disgusting, shameful, disobedient, stubborn child, who is a disgrace to the kingdom or His mercy and love erases all our negative behaviors as far as the east is from the west? The way we think God see us through our mess, our best times, and the in-between forms the platform of our belief system, which affects the way we function as children of God. Take the time and  ponder over this question…there is good news for all who are stuck in the mud of confusion and loneliness, about what God see when He look at us. There is hope and shelter in the eyes of the Master. Turn your eyes away from the beat-down life and look to Jesus. There is forgiveness, love and wholeness for you!!

When God look at (insert your name)……. He see’s (write His thoughts about you)……..



Buckle your seat belt, sit up tight for a fantastic post which answers this and other questions through the lens of grace. Your answer to this question holds the key to your life. Your answer tell me the story of your life; either bound or you are enjoying the freedom established on good opinion about God. Photo Credit: Google image


     I, even I, am he that blotteth out thy transgressions for mine own sake, and will not remember thy sins.

Isaiah 43:25 KJV

  – McDaniels Gyamfi



  1. Oh Mcd! You have me rolling in the aisle clutching my sides: “buckle your seat belt, sit up tight for a fantastic post”!! Love it!

    And then your long sentence: “To be in a swimming pool and not experiencing wetness is insane … ” Powerful pictures! Powerful words! What a fantastic post indeed!!


    • Hahahahahaha…you have been so kind to me, Paul. I must confess without apology. One of my desires is to improve my writing style and communicate the gospel in its simplest form. That desire has its birth from your inspiration.(A comment) My initial agenda on blogging was to use this medium to create a journal of my personal quotes. Likes, followers and comment were foreign to me. I didn’t even know there were thousands of bloggers who can also see your work and follow you. I am always grateful to God and other bloggers like you, who have become a unique iron sharpening my edge. I have learn a lot, and still learning.
      Peace and Love to you!!


  2. Wow. Fascinating perspective. I enjoyed how you protected
    this matter…. A couple issues I dont trust but hello…
    thats a new perspective. I am super sharp to examine the
    next post. Is it possible to make the next one more comprehensive?

    Thanks 🙂


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