He that kneweth not sin became sinful

He that kneweth sin was made righteous

Have I not made thee in my likeness?

Shall I measure thee, Oh fairest among all?

To the societal standards of significance

Thy beauty surpass them all, on every scale

The dark seasons of time changeth thee not

The flower fades the grass withers but thou art

Completely complete and wholly whole, within

Art thou not a reflection of the true essence of life?

Just as I am so art thou in this blemished world

A salt to preserve

A light to shine

Ashes to ashes,

Dust to dust;

 An end?

Copyright 2014 GOG|McDaniels Gyamfi


  1. rlp152 says:

    Well done! But I think you may have plagiarized the Bible a little bit. Just kidding!


    1. I pray I don’t lose point through the sapphire gates of heaven. Lol. Thanks so much for stopping by. It , mean a world to me. have a blessed day


  2. It’s so beautifully written ….amazing and superb lines! Loved it to read in this morning! Great! Thanks for sharing it with us! Blessings!


    1. Thanks my dear…I am so thankful to God that it did ministered to you. You have always been an encouragement to me. Thanks once again!!


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