A WALK WITH JESUS BOOK: Capturing The Grace Culture of Christ


Effortless Life Series

Almost a decade ago, I was sitting in my New York Apartment…I had this thought flooding through my heart. “There is a book in you” was the echoes of my thoughts. I went out and bought a huge note-book and started pouring my thoughts with my pen like a first grader. My limitations were so gigantic… I will write one sentence and close the note-book until another week or few months.

You know my shortcoming? I had no idea how to write a book and beside that limitation, I also couldn’t use the computer so effectively to my advantage (Typesetting was prehistoric in my world). There was this other voice which kept telling me; “your grammatical construction is so bad, nobody will spend their time to read your work”.  To cut a long story short, I quit on this vision because I didn’t want to embarrass myself.

Years later, I made a promise to the Lord; should He let me with the necessary tools to write a book…all sales will go into charity work in Africa. I am so thankful to the Lord; my love gift (First Fruit) to the Lord is out on Amazon as eBook. Lives are being transformed every day, from the profound wisdom of the Spirit of Christ.

The report of how this book is changing lives is amazing. Hit the link at the bottom and download your copy today. Remember, your purchase of this book is also your love gift to help destitute families and orphans in Africa. I thank you in advance for being part and parcel of Kingdom agenda, spreading the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.



  A Book worth reading!!

– McDaniels Gyamfi (Author)

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