Listening to the Lord While Working


Prayer A to Z


Most often I work listening
to the radio, wanting to escape,
wanting not to work
too hard, wanting to relax.
Today I will set my mind
on listening to the Lord,
listening to what He would
teach me.
I’m stripping wallpaper today.
That’s one of the things I do.
Instantly I see the lesson!
The wallpaper is our
hypocrisy—the facade
we often use;
our public image;
our outward show;
what we use to
cover what we don’t
like about ourselves.
Sometimes the paper comes
off easy, and the paste too.
That one is ready to be free!
To show his real self.
Today the paper is tuff.
There is a real stronghold here!
Often there are many layers—
many strongholds.
Whatever the case,
it must all come off.
He cuts it off with His sharp
And it hurts!
Then He washes off

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  1. Shelly says:

    Loved this! We are so lucky we can choose to listen to the Lord at any time and He is willing to speak to us. He is always available to us if only we would take the time to seek Him. Be blessed today and find a way to bless someone else!


    1. Thank you Shelly for taking the time to visit gravity of grace. Am so honored and inspired by your beautiful comment. Yes! the Lord is willing to speak to us
      and guide us into all truth. Have a graceful weekend!!
      Best Regards


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